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General Information

The Base Upgrade option located on the "Left Click" Menu of the Command Center gives the Player access to 3 options for upgrades of the Player's Base in the "Store".


The Upgrades

Expand Borders

  • Expand Borders allows for the Building Zone of a Player's Base to be expanded.
    • Each Border Expansion increases the Building Zone by 10%.
    • Each Border Expansion cost between 1 Gold to 350 Gold ( GoldCoin-Icon ).
    • A Maximum of 7 Border Expansions may be performed.
Original Size White N / A 60 x 48 2,880 fps X ExpandBase-All-With-Legend
1st Border Expansion Yellow 1 66 x 53 3,498 fps X
2nd Border Expansion Pink 100 71 x 57 4,047 fps X
3rd Border Expansion Red 150 77 x 61 4,331 fps X
4th Border Expansion Blue 200 83 x 66 5,478 fps X
5th Border Expansion Black 250 89 x 71 6,319 fps X
6th Border Expansion Aqua 300 96 x 77 7,392 fps X
7th Border Expansion Orange 350 104 x 83 8,632 fps X
FPS ( Footprint Square ) = the footprint area of 1 Barricade or Land Mine.  /  Click on an X to view that Expansion's Measurement Image.

Oil & Metal Compression

  • Improves the compression of your resources, allowing the Player to store more Metal & Oil without upgrading the Resource Storage Buildings.
    • A Maximum of 15 Oil & Metal Compressions may be performed.
    • Each Compression increases the Resource Capacity by 10% of your pre-compressed limit.
      • The Maximum Capacity increase is 150%
      • The final Maximum Base Resource Capacity is 875,000,000 each Metal & Oil.
    • Each Oil & Metal Compression cost between 50 Gold & 500 Gold ( GoldCoin-Icon ).
      • Cost is increased by 50 Gold per level with a maximum of 500 Gold.

Extra Metal & Oil Purchase

  • Extra Metal & Oil allows the Player to purchase both Metal and Oil separately in three varying amounts.
    • There are 3 purchase options to choose from for each Metal & Oil.
      • Option 1 - 10% Extra : Gives 10% of the Base's Total Capacity for that resource.
      • Option 2 - 50% Extra : Gives 50% of the Base's Total Capacity for that resource.
      • Option 3 - 100% Extra : Fills that resource to the Base's Total Capacity
    • There must be adequate resource storage in order to purchase an option.
      • Options without adequate resource storage space are labeled "SOLD OUT".
    • All amounts available for purchase will very depending on :
      • The Base's Total Capacity ( Options 1 & 2 ).
      • The Base's Total Capacity & Current Resource Amount ( Option 3 ).
    • The Gold ( GoldCoin-Icon ) purchase price for each option will vary based on the amount of resource purchased.
    • There is NO limit on the number of times Extra Metal & Oil may be purchased.

Accessing the Base Upgrade Store


The Base Upgrade Store may be access two ways :

  • The Base Upgrades option on the "Left Click" menu of the Command Center.
  • The ( + ) Buttons located on the Resource Bank Display.

Update History

Listed in Reverse Chronological Order -- Click Expand to View Earliest Updates

  • No Further Updates

Additional Facts

  • All Base Upgrades require the use of h Gold GoldCoin-Icon to purchase.


  • With the a Base's Building Zone expanded to maximum the Player may place some Defenses close enough to allow the instant targeting of Attacking Units as they are spawning in several of the Spawning Locations.
  • R.U.B.I. says "I Love You" following some of the Resource Compressions.
  • A Sale between Feb 05, 2016 and Feb 08, 2016 reduced Base Upgrade prices :
    • Border Expansion costs were reduced by 75%
    • Resource Compression costs were reduced by 50%

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  • Downloadable GIMP File of all Expanded Border Overlay Layers to view over images of your own base < HERE >

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  • Kixeye Forum ( 03/04/16 ) - Base Upgrade Sale! - ( Official ) - Sale Information for March 2016 Sale

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