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Before the release of any War Commander version(Beta or Final), there were features that were removed from the released version(Beta or Final).These changes range from scrapped vehicles,infantry,aircraft,buildings and some name,system differences or scrapped.

Before Beta Version Release Differences

                                                               Scrapped:(Units,buildings before the release of WC)


Super Laser APC : Scrapped with unknown reasons.


Unnamed Infantry: Resembled the Flamethrower, carried a Rocket Launcher with red rockets. Was scrapped for unknown reasons, presumably was stupid looking.


UH-60 Chopper: Resembled the Hellstorm, and was probably a precursor to the Cobra.

Unnamed Aircraft: Resembled the Hellstorm.


Earthquake: It was scrapped due it's ruining game's atmosphere and was always instant killing enemy troops.

Bombards: Was scrapped, indicating overpowerful and hard to program to make it in final version.


Radio Bunker: Resembled from Bunker, had some sandbags on it and an attena on it. Was scrapped for unknown reasons, presumable stupid-looking and useless.

Tesla Tower: Resembled Tesla Tower from Backyard Monsters. Was scrapped for some unknown reasons. Presumable too overpowerful (Not to be confused with Shock Turret!). However, the Tesla Tower will be reintroduce in the upcoming special event which is now part of a bastion, but it more different than the unreleased one.

Laser Tower: Never seen in before beta release, only discussed about it. Was originally to be in game as Tower but later scrapped for unknown reasons. Presumable hard to program.(However a Laser TURRET has been added later, still the tower is never seen in game).

Missile Tower: Never seen in before beta release, but resembled from Mortar Tower/Turret.

Oddly, there were originally 5 different Tower types. Presumable, Gun Turret, Missile Tower, Tesla Tower, Laser Tower and unnamed tower(Presumable SAM Tower or Mortar tower).

                                        Difference:(Units,buildings etc after the release of WC)


Rhino had long-range missile mounted on it.

V2 Spotters were originally be common and useable to players for defense instead of Special ops.

Jackrabbits were originally be smaller and difficult to be destroyed.

Laser Tank was originally to be fully useable without completing events.

Flak Tank was originally to be free and fully useable for players without completing any events.

Flak Tank had different colour design.


Hercules's size were bigger than after game's release.

Riflemen had different shooting animation.


Thunderbolts's speed had slower turn and moving rate.

Raptors speed had slower turn and moving rate.




Mortar Tower's name was originally to be named as Missile Tower.

Mortar Tower had slower fire rate.

Radio Tower size was bigger.

Gun Turret and Mortar Tower's size were smaller.

In Tech Center Menu, Vehicles were originally to be named as Ground while on Aircraft, named as Air.

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