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For Special Events featuring periodic Fortress Waves the Player is given a chance to obtain Bonus eXP by Destroying specified Bonus XP Targets in a set amount of time. These Targets are identified by Small Winged Shield Icon floating above each. 

Bonus XP Targets are unique for each Special Event and fit within the overall Theme of each.

Detailed Information

  • Bonus XP Targets are only found on Fortress Waves.
  • There are 3 Bonus XP Targets per Fortress.
  • Each Bonus XP Target is worth 100 to 200 XP.
  • The Player is only awarded for the Bonus XP Targets completely destroyed during the first 5 Minutes of an Attack on the Fortress.
  • If a Fortress is Reset so are all the Bonus XP Targets.
  • The Player will have the gained 0 to 600 Bonus XP added to the XP awarded for the successful completion of the Fortress Wave.

Additional Info

  • The above current Bonus XP Target format was introduced in Operation: Deadpoint.
  • Prior to the introduction of the Fortress waves a slightly altered version of current Bonus XP Target format was found in the earlier Special Event, Operation: Archangel.

The Bonus XP Targets by Event

The Helipad Widowmaker Construction Bay Zombie Factory
Archangel Deadpoint & Deadpoint 2 Undead Rising & Undead Swarm
The Excavator Titan Production Plant Vercraft Arms Depot
RedLokustStorageBuilding Hellstorm2-FortressBonus
Desert Recon & Devil's Grip Red Storm (2014) Hellstorm 2
M.A.Y.H.E.M. Target Ironstrike Target
Floodgate-BonusTarget2 IronReign-Fortress-XPBonus
Floodgate, Floodgate 2 & Iron March Iron Reign


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