Unavailable Items are Units, Buildings or Turrets that are Not Currently Available to be Unlocked.

However, unlike Retired Items which are Units, Buildings or Turrets that at one time were Live ( in use ) in War Commander then Completely removed from the game, Unavailable Items may no longer be obtained but are still Live and in use by Players and Rogue Factions.

Unavailable Facts

  • No Longer Available to be Unlocked by new or existing Players.
  • May still be in use on the bases of some Rogue Factions.
  • May still in use by Players who had Unlocked the item prior to it being made unavailable.
  • Unavailable Items have no change in Name, Appearance or Stats from becoming unavailable.
  • Unavailable Items may still benefit from Game Updates which may increase their upgradable Level Ceiling.
  • Unavailable Items may once again become Available for Unlocking in the future through different means.

Current Unavailable Items

Item Name Classification Introduction Event Final Event
Halcyon Aircraft Operation: Halcyon Operation: Floodgate
Hellstorm - Elite Aircraft Operation: Hellstorm 2 Operation: Hellstorm 2
Kondor Aircraft Operation: Red Sky Operation: Desert Recon
Spectre Aircraft Operation: Deadpoint 2 Operation: Devil's Grip
Slayer Drone Aircraft Operation: Red Swarm Operation: Floodgate
Titan Aircraft Operation: Red Storm (2014) Operation: Floodgate 2
Item Name Classification Introduction Event Final Event
Viper Infantry Operation: Desert Recon Operation: Hellstorm 2
Item Name Classification Introduction Event Final Event
BFG Vehicle Operation: Cerberus 2 Operation: Iron Lord
Crusader Vehicle Operation: Undead Rising Operation: Red Storm (2014)
Flak Tank Vehicle Operation: Rolling Thunder Operation: Floodgate
Suicide Truck - Elite Vehicle Operation: Crossfire Operation: Hellstorm 2
Widowmaker Vehicle Operation: Deadpoint Operation: Floodgate
Widowmaker Prime Vehicle Operation: Floodgate Operation: Cerberus 2
Item Name Classification Introduction Event Final Event
Shock Turret Turret Operation: Shockwave Operation: Hellstorm 2
Item Name Classification Introduction Event Final Event
Zombifier Epic Tech Operation: Undead Rising Operation: Undead Rising

Reintroduced Items

Item Name Classification Final Event Now Available In Via Game Update
Napalm Turret Turret Operation: Deadpoint 2 Gear Store
Rocket Barrage Turret Turret Operation: Undead Rising Gear Store April 10th, 2014
Elite Shock Tank Vehicle Operation: Floodgate 2 Shadow Ops June 26, 2014

Additional Facts

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