Widowmaker Prime Veteran Level 5

General Information

With two separate Game Updates all Units were made available for upgrading to Veteran Level 5 ( Level 15 ).  In another subsequent Game Update some Buildings were also given the ability to be upgraded from the previous Level ceiling ( Level 10 ) to Veteran Level 5 ( Level 15 ).



UNITS - Units upgrading to Veteran Level 5 receive all the of the following :

  • Veteran Level 5 Units receive a boost to their Damage and Health stats.
  • Veteran Level 5 Units will not increase their Repair Times!
  • Veteran Level 5 Units provide you with additional space for more Schematic Customization.

Specific Units may also gain additional buffs ( See Bonus Stat Buffs below )

BUILDINGS - Buildings upgrading from Veteran Level 1 to Veteran Level 5 receive all the of the following * :

  • Increase in the Buildings Main Function
  • Reduced Power consumption per Upgrade Level ( Down to Zero )
  • Access to 5 New Levels ( Level 11 to 15 )

Specific Buildings May gain Additional new Functions ( See Bonus Building Functions below )

* Unless otherwise stated.

Units Available for Upgrade




Bonus Stat Buffs

The Following Units receive a "Significant" Veteran Level 5 Boost to their stats

Buildings Available for Upgrade

Bonus Building Functions

The Following Buildings receive a New Function not available to it on Level 1 through Level 10

  • War Factory - Each Increase in the War Factory Level ( Level 11 to Level 15 ) reduces the Capacity Cost of all Vehicles by 5% per Level. However no Vehicle may have its Capacity Cost reduced below the that of 30 regardless of the War Factory Level. 

Additional Information

  • The first Unit Veteran Level 5 upgrades became available with the release of the Game Update: April 2, 2014.
  • The first Building Veteran Level 5 upgrades became available with the release of the Game Update: May 29, 2014.
  • All new Units being released following these Game Updates will be automatically be available for Veteran Level 5 upgrading.
  • When first introduced on the Public Test Server when upgrading a Unit to Veteran Level 5 the Unit also received an altered appearance by giving them a "Blue Tint". However do to an unfavorable response from Players in the Kixieye Forums this aspect of the upgraded was removed prior to going Live.


Click Expand to View Additional Quotes

Real Steel - Attention, Commander! Some of your units can now be upgraded to Veteran Level 5.
 Game Update: April 2nd 2014 

The Second Coming - Attention, Commander! Even more of units can now be upgraded to Veteran Level 5.
 Game Update: May 1st 2014 

Room For More - Your Storage, War Factory, Metal Factory, Oil Pump, Metal Storage, Oil Storage can now be upgraded to Level 15! God speed, Commander.
 Game Update: May 29th 2014 

Attention Commanders, Your war-torn troops are ready for a power-up. You will now be able to upgrade some of your units to Veteran Level 5!
  — CM KHaus 

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