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CONCEPT ART - Concept Art is a form of illustration used to convey a visual representation of a design, idea, and/or mood for use in a video game before it is put into the final product.

CONCEPT ARTIST - A Concept Artist is an individual who generates a visual design for an item, character, or area that does not yet exist. This is usually done in the employ of a Game Developer such as Kixeye.

War Commander Concept Art

  • Listed are Concept Art of Items that were released in a Live Version of War Commander.
  • The Concept Artist is listed for each piece ( if known ).
Missile Silo Zombie Laboratory
Missile silo by mr donkeygoat-d66eq5s Wc zombie laboratory by mr donkeygoat-d6rs5co
Artist : Mr-Donkeygoat Artist : Mr-Donkeygoat
Command Center - Operation: Hellstorm 2
Verkraft cc mrdonkeygoat
Artist : Mr-Donkeygoat
Level 6 Turrets
War commander defense turrets lvl6 by dna 1-d7adpzq
Artist : David Nakayama (DNA-1)
Reaper Drone Slayer Drone
Copter drone by pixel saurus-d5yrqps Wing drone by pixel saurus-d5yrqhz
Artist : David Nakayama (DNA-1) Artist : David Nakayama (DNA-1)
Enforcer by pixel saurus-d69j1dr
Artist : David Nakayama (DNA-1)
Mortar Team Gladiator
Mortar infantry team by pixel saurus-d5yrnx0 Gladiator mech by pixel saurus-d64p5sf
Artist : David Nakayama (DNA-1) Artist : David Nakayama (DNA-1)
Shock Trooper Valkyrie
Shock trooper by pixel saurus-d5nyzxp Valkyrie by pixel saurus-d689hou
Artist : David Nakayama (DNA-1) Artist : David Nakayama (DNA-1)
Vanguard Viper
Wc vanguard mech by mr donkeygoat-d6ivel2 Wc viper mech by mr donkeygoat-d6v76l9
Artist : Mr-Donkeygoat Artist : Mr-Donkeygoat
General Mutoto Hell Hounds Leader
Mutoto by sharpwriter Hh leader
Artist: Jason Heuser Artist: Jason Heuser
Dr. Heinrich Von Kruger Zachariah Kane
Rocket man by sharpwriter Kane by sharpwriter
Artist: Jason Heuser Artist: Jason Heuser
Shadow Operative
Artist : David Nakayama (DNA-1)

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