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Decreases the Movement Speed of affected Target for the duration of the Effect.

  • No direct Damage to the Target is caused by this Effect itself.
    • Vulnerable Targets may be affected by either a Direct Hit ( including Splash ) or by passing over a Area of Effect.
    • All Cryo Weapons create an Area of Effect (AoE).
    • Size = The Duration the Target will suffer the Effect. 
    • Additional Hits to a already affected Target will reset the Effect's Duration Countdown.
    • May also be referred to as FREEZE.

Most info for each Status Effect can be found on the Status Effects page.


Busted Busted-ICON    Concussion Concussion-ICON    Corrosion Corrosion-ICON    Cryo Cryo-ICON    Napalm Napalm-ICON    Plague Plague-ICON    Scramble Scramble-ICON    Shock Shock-ICON

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