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Damage Filters provide an indication to the level of adjustment made to the posted Statistical Damage a Unit inflicts upon targets in each of the four Major Classes: Infantry, Vehicles, Aircraft and Buildings.

A Damage Filter has six possible color coded levels: Can't Hit , Poor, Not Great , OK, Good and Best.

Icon    Level    % of Listed Statistical Damage
DF-Veh-Best BEST 100% of Listed Damage
DF-Veh-Good GOOD 80% of Listed Damage
DF-Veh-OK OK 60% of Listed Damage
DF-Veh-NotGreat NOT GREAT 40% of Listed Damage
DF-Veh-Poor POOR 20% of Listed Damage
DF-Veh-CantHit CAN'T HIT 0% of Listed Damage

Please consider the fact that the armor type of the target might also influence the amount of damage that the target receives.

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