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Metal / Oil Deposits   Thorium Deposits

General Information


Deposit Collection Rates

Metal / Oil Deposit Collection Rates
Deposit Size Per Sec Per Min Per Hr Per Day Images
Tiny 0.83 50 3,000 72,000 X / X
Small 1.25 75 4,500 108,000 X / X
Meduim 2.08 125 7,500 180,000 X / X
Large 3.33 200 12,000 288,000 X / X
Giant 5.83 350 21,000 504,000 X / X
Rates shown do not reflect the use of Special Ops to increase inflow.

Defending Deposits

Relocating With Deposits

Controlling Rogue Factions

Rogue Metal & Oil Deposits may be found in the control of any one of six different Rogue Factions.

  • The controling Rogue Faction of a Deposit has no effect on it's layout.
  • Each controling Rogue Faction may can be found to have Deposits in all five sizes. 
Rogue Factions That Control Rogue Metal  / Oil Deposits
Armored Corps
Armored Corps
Black Widows
Black Widow
Eastern Horde (new)
Eastern Horde
Hell Hounds (new)
Hell Hounds
Highway Zealots
Highway Zealots

Deposit Layouts

Appearance Progression

Metal Deposit Appearance Progression
Tiny & Small Medium & Large Giant
Oil Deposit Appearance Progression
Tiny & Small Medium & Large Giant

Related Special Ops

Name Icon Class Level Description Time of
Thorium to
Extend Op
18 Wheeler 18Wheeler-Lg Tactical Common Increased Resource generation at Deposits and Producers by 20%. 24h 50,000
Duce and a Half DueceAndAHalf-Lg Tactical Uncommon Increased Resource generation at Deposits and Producers by 40%. 24h 100,000
Dragonfly Dragonfly-Lg Tactical Rare Increased Resource generation at Deposits and Producers by 60%. 24h 500,000
Jumbo Jet JumboJet-Lg Tactical Rare Increased Resource generation at Deposits and Producers by 100%. 24h 500,000
Forward Operating Base ForwardOperatingBase-Lg Tactical Rare You can deploy Platoons from any Deposit that you own. 24h 500,000
Sky Sentinel Sky Sentinel Defensive Rare 5 Mercenary Paladins & 5 Warhawks deploy when your Deposits are under Attack. 12h 500,000
More Information and a the Full List of Ops available here: Special Ops

Related Missions

Mission Icon Mission Description Completion Awards Images
Metal Oil Pre Post
Black Gold Digger MissionIcon-Capturing Oil Capture a Oil Deposit 2,000 5,000 X X
Metal Marauder MissionIcon-Capturing Metal Capture a Metal Deposit 5,000 2,000 X X
Oil Trio MissionIcon-Capturing Oil Own 3 Oil Deposits at the same time. 10,000 30,000 X X
Diversification MissionIcon-Capturing Metal Own a Metal Deposit & a Oil Deposit at the same time. 20,000 20,000 X X
Oil Omnipotence MissionIcon-Capturing Oil Own 5 Oil Deposits at the same time. 20,000 50,000 X X
Metal Triforce MissionIcon-Capturing Metal Own 3 Metal Deposits at the same time. 30,000 10,000 X X
Steel Domination MissionIcon-Capturing Metal Own 5 Metal Deposits at the same time. 50,000 20,000 X X
Deca Deposits MissionIcon-Capturing Metal Own 10 Deposits of any kind at the same time. 1,000,000 1,000,000 X X
Some Missions May Not Be Available Until The Completion Of Others.

Update History

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Additional Facts

  • The Resorces aquired from Deposits DO NOT generate Experience Points ( XP )  for the player.

In-Game Quotes

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  • Oil/Metal depots have outlived their usefulness, how about removing them all of them (or at least most of them) from the game to free up more space for all the stuff we currently need/have (Thorium depots, HH45s, AC45s, regular rogues, event bases, etc)?
    • I agree with your observation that their original purpose (resource generation) has been lost, and we will very likely make revisions to map composition along the lines you suggest. However, there’s emergent behavior around deposits where many players enjoy displaying their control over portions of the map by controlling multiple deposits. We won’t pull deposits until we can deliver a substitute for that activity as well. - AMA with WC Design Team ( Aug 26, 2014 )

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