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Building Description This building automatically Deploys air drones when under attack! Turning your base into a no fly zone DroneSilo(Main)
Effects of Upgrade

Upgrading the Drone Silo increases air units you can deploy to defend your base.

Building Group Defense Buildings
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Event XP Cost 12,500 xp
Requirements Airfield

Upgrade Progression

 Level  Upgrade Cost Upgrade
Capacity Power
Command Center lvl req
Metal Oil Thorium
1 - - - - 150 10 ?
2 200,000 180,000 - 10h 200 29 ?
3 800,000 720,000 - 20h 250 52 ?
4 3,200,000 2,880,000 750,000 05s 300 80 ?
5 16,640,000 14,976,000 1,500,000 05s 400 112 ?
6 27,000,000 27,000,000 2,000,000 05s 500 147 7
7 29,700,000 29,700,000 2,500,000 05s 700 186 7
8 32,670,000 32,670,000 3,000,000 05s 900 7
9 3,500,000 05s 1100 269 7
10 39,530,700 39,530,700 4,000,000 05s 1400 317 7
Total 1d 6h 

Air units that can be housed inside

Fun Facts

  • As of Operation Deadpoint 2 the Halcyon can go into Drone Silo
  • It's the only reward building which is not a turret.
  • It releases drones one by one instead of all at once.
  • It can only house units with "drone" in their name except the Halcyon.
  • It automatically deploys drones without any command, when enemy units are within  the silo's 600 range.
  • Drones only take up max unit space when they are at your airfield.  When moved to a silo they take up the Silo's space.
  • Even if actively commanding the defense, drones from the silo are controlled by RUBI.
  • When the silo is destroyed, all Drones (Copter Drones, Slayer Drones, Wing Drones, Reaper Drones and Halcyon) will be destroyed also.
  • There is a bug on the description of the Drone silo . On the video and on the description of the building they said to the Silo need to 5h to be build . In reality you can build it instantly after you buy the building.
  • Once drones was destroyed in battle in the Silo, it will not appear in battle until your attack ended
  • Drone Silo maximum level was 6 until Command Center level 7 was added in patch as of 13th February 2014, now it has a max level of 10.
  • Upgrading the Drone Silo to level 10 gives you 15,843,542 XP

In-Game Quotes

This building automatically Deploys air drones when under attack! Turning your base into a no fly zone.
  — In-game description 

Brilliant work, Commander - no base defense system is complete without a Drone Silo!
  — Unlocks posted on FB 

IRON CURTAIN - What goes up must come down, Commander. - R.U.B.I.
  — Upgraded to Level 6 

Additional Information

  • Fixed a bug with the Drone Silo spawning an infinite amount of units.





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