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Pages Needing Attention

These are Category Pages that list pages that have been marked or flagged as in need of attention by either Admins or the Users. They break down into roughly three categories:

  • High Priority - Things that need to be corrected in a timely manner or Removed from the wiki.
  • Medium Priority - Non critical things that MAY require some discussion and a decision prior to taking action.
  • Low Priority - Things that may or may not every get done and are there as a placeholder or to generate a discussion.

NOTE: Some pages are there as a type of Idea bookmarks and may never come into fruition in the current proposed form.

High Priority :

Citation Needed Pages containing information that needs to be Verified with a link to the Official Information .  If none is provided in a timely manner this information should be REMOVED.

Medium Priority :

Missing Pages Links to Pages that are no longer in existence, been renamed without a redirect or are Proposed Pages that have not yet been added to that category. If they are Links to Proposed Pages then the page should be created and added to that category. If they are not then the links should either be edited to the correct page or removed. ( Links show as RED in color. )

Low Priority :

Proposed Pages Pages that are being proposed for creation or are serving as a place mark for an upcoming page. These pages are usually locked until the format can be established.
Wanted Categories Category Pages that have not yet actually been created, simular to Proposed Pages. They however still function as a link page without being fully created.

All Edit Reference Pages are LOCKED and may only be edited by an Admin. Please ask in comments below to add or edit content.

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