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War Commander has 3 distinct types of Experience Points, Standard ( XP ) & Event ( eXP ) & Veteran Experience ( vXP ). Each are obtained and utilized in very different ways. This page presents information for the Event Experience Points ( eXP ) only.

Event Experience Points ( eXP )

Event Experience Points or eXP is a unit of measurement used to quantify a Player's accomplishments as they undertake specific tasks exclusively during a Special Event. Once earned eXp is then used to "Purchase" Special Event Prizes from the Event Shop. Its also called as an event-specific currency that can be spent on prizes in the Event Store.

  • eXP may only be obtained during an active Special Event.
  • Every Player starts each Special Event with zero eXP.
  • There is No Limit to the amount of eXP a Player can earn during a Special Event.
  • eXP is only Valid in during and for 48 hours after the Special Event in which it was earned.
  • Any eXP unused at the conclusion of the 48 hours ( Use It or Lose It ) period post Special Event is lost.

Obtaining & Using Event Experience Points (eXP)

Obtaining Event XP (eXP)

Event XP is awarded to Players for completing a specific task during a Special Event.  These tasks may vary based on the specifics of the Special Event and may or may not include or more of the following :

Using Event XP

Event XP is used more like a Resource, meaning it is used or "Spent" to Unlock specific Units & Buidings and Tech that are otherwise not obtainable by the Player. These items are refereed to as Special Event Prizes.

  • eXP is used to Unlock Special Event Prizes in the Event Shop.
  • eXP may be used at any point during an active Event and up to 48 hours after it has completed.
  • The Availability and Price of the Special Event Prizes in an Event Shop may vary from Event to Event.
  • Any Unused Event XP at the end of the 48 hour "Use it or Lose it" period will be LOST.

Gallery - eXP Wings Examples

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Gallery - Use It or Lose It Examples

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