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Special Event   Event Shop

The Shop

War Commander puts on periodic Special Events, currently at about one per month.  During these Events the player receives Event Experience Points (eXP) which should not be confused with the separate standard Experience Points (XP) used to raise players in Rank & Levels.  The eXP can be used to Unlock and obtain Special Event Units aka "Prizes" which consist of special Units, Buildings and Schematics that would otherwise not be available.

Information Given in Event Shop :

  • Which Prizes are Available or Locked.
  • the Requirements and Cost of each Prize.
  • A graphical running total of eXP still needed to obtain each Prize
  • And when a Prize is  Individually selected inside of the Event Shop a Description of that Prizes and the exact amount of remaining eXP needed to obtain it is given. 

How The Event Shop Works :

  • The Shop is only accessible during and for a shot period after each Special Event.  The player may use their eXP at any time during and for 48 hours after the Event, know as the "Use It Or Lose It" period.
  • The Event Shop is accessed thru the Special Event Panel.  Press the "Prizes" button to open the Event Shop. 
  • Several new Prizes are added to the Shop each Special Event.  These are usually but not always related to the theme or story of the Event.
  • All past Prizes are available in the Shop.  The exception to this are newly released Prizes. At the conclusion of an Event the new Prizes become unavailable or "Locked" for 1 to 2 Events as follows :
    • 1 Event Lock = Standard & Elite Units, Buildings & Turrets and Schematics & Components.
    • 2 Event Lock = Unique Units.
  • The eXP is only valid for use during the Event in which it was earned.  The eXP does not carry over from Event to Event, hence the "Use It or Lose" name for the period after an Event.
  • Some Prizes have Requirements before they can be Unlocked.  Some require the player to have a Tech Center of a certain level. Others require that a certain other common Unit be Unlocked first. And finally the Elite versions require that Non-Elite version, whether it's a common Unit or another Prize, also be unlocked prior to being able to obtain them.
  • Advance Missions Prizes are not offered in the Event Shop.  Advanced Missions award Special Units also but since these are not "Purchased" with eXP they are not available in the Event Shop.   These Units are the Colossus, Havoc, Behemoth and Vanguard.

For further info on these topics, see Special Events. In Game XP and Advanced Missions.

The Prizes

New Prize(s)

SPECIAL EVENT # 20  ( Operation: Desert Recon )
New Prizes
Prize Experience Required Unlocking Requirements Classification
Viper 45,000 xp Level 10Academy Infantry
Warhead Laucher 34,000 xp Mega Tank Component
Sale Prizes
Kondor - Last Chance 18,550 xp Raptor Aircraft
Gatling Truck Schematic 17,000 xp Gatling Truck Schematic
Suicide Truck - Elite 8,840 xp Suicide Truck Vehicle
Plasma Turret 18,000 xp Level 6 Defense Lab Turret

Please Be Aware : All information on the above New Prizes is from the Preview Server and may be inaccurate or changed at any time prior to the Event Going LIVE!

Locked Prizes

Available Special Event # 21
Prize Experience Required Unlocking Requirements Classification Intro Event
FAV Schematic 34,000 xp FAV / Level 6 Workshop Schematic Undead Rising
Spectre - Unique 40,000 xp Raptor Aircraft Deadpoint 2
Available Special Event # 22
Crusader - Unique 45,000 xp Mega Tank Vehicle Undead Rising
Note : Unique prizes are Locked for 2 Events (2 months ) / All other New prizes are Locked for 1 Event ( 1 month )

Available Prizes

Prize Experience Required Unlocking Requirements Introduction Event
Halcyon 20,000 xp Raptor Halcyon
Hellstorm 25,000 xp Raptor Hellstorm
Kondor 38,500 xp Raptor Red Sky
Reaper Drone 15,000 xp Cobra Red Swarm
Slayer Drone 18,000 xp Thunderbolt Red Swarm
Warhawk 19,250 xp Thunderbolt Warhawk
Warhawk - Elite 19,250 xp Warhawk Warhawk
Spectre - Unique 40,000 xp Raptor Deadpoint 2


Prize Experience Required Unlocking Requirements Introduction Event
Attack Dog 1,500 xp Flamethrower Warhawk
Gladiator 10,000 xp Sniper Front Line
Gladiator - Elite 30,000 xp Gladiator Front Line
Heavy Gunner - Elite 5,000 xp Heavy Gunner Front Line
Rifleman - Elite 2,500 xp Rifleman Crossfire
Shock Trooper 7,500 xp Sniper Shockwave
Stinger 9,500 xp Sniper Hellstorm
Valkyrie 15,500 xp Level 4 Academy Archangel
Valkyrie - Elite 9,500 xp Valkyrie Archangel


Prize Experience Required Unlocking Requirements Introduction Event
Crusader - Unique 45,000 xp Mega Tank Undead Rising
Enforcer 35,000 xp Mega Tank Archangel
Flak Tank 10,000 xp Paladin Rolling Thunder
Flame Assault Vehicle 25,000 xp Paladin Warlord
Gatling Truck 5,000 xp Razorback Rogue Assult
Gatling Truck - Elite 10,000 xp Gatling Truck 06/02/12 Update
Hellfire 19,250 xp Challenger Hellfire
Hellfire - Elite 19,250 xp Hellfire Hellfire
Honey Badger 3,500 xp Jackrabbit Rolling Thunder
Humvee - Elite 8,000 xp Humvee Crossfire
Laser Tank 7,000 xp Paladin Red Storm
Laser Tank - Elite 12,000 xp Laser Tank 06/02/12 Update
Mega Tank - Elite 34,000 xp Mega Tank Crossfire
Razorback - Elite 10,000 xp Razorback Halcyon
Rhino - Elite 15,000 xp Rhino Crossfire
Shock Tank 15,000 xp Paladin Shockwave
Shock Tank - Elite 15,000 xp Shock Tank Front Line
Suicide Truck - Elite 22,500 xp Suicide Truck Crossfire
Widowmaker - Unique 40,000 xp Mega Tank Deadpoint


Prize Experience Required Unlocking Requirements Introduction Event
Gatling Truck Schmatic 34,000 xp Gatling Truck Halcyon
Flame Assault Vehicle Schematic 34,000 xp Flame Assault Vehicle Undead Rising
Laser Tank Schematic 25,000 xp Laser Tank Deadpoint
Hellfire Schematic 30,000 xp Hellfire Deadpoint 2

Buildings and Turrets

Prize Experience Required Unlocking Requirements Introduction Event
Drone Silo 12,500 xp Level 3 Command Center Red Swarm
Plasma Turret 22,500 xp Level 6 Defense Lab Undead Harvest
Shock Turret 30,000 xp Level 8 Defense Lab Shockwave

Schematic Components

Prize Experience Required Unlocking Requirements Introduction Event
Ionized Armor 12,000 xp Level 6 Workshop Deadpoint
Heavy Ionized Armor 20,000 xp Level 6 Workshop Deadpoint

Special Prizes

Special Prizes
Prize Experience Required Unlocking Requirements Classification Introduction Event
Zombifier Top 3000 Event Players Flame Assault Vehicle Schematic Schematic Components Undead Rising

Special Prizes are only Available Once.

Unavailable Prizes ( Removed From Event Shop )

Former Prizes
Prize Classification Experience XP Introduction Event Staus Change Event
Napalm Turret Turret 30,000 xp Warlord Deadpoint 2
Rocket Barrage Turret Turret 22,500 xp Undead Harvest Undead Rising
Players who previously Unlocked the Removed Items retain their Full Functional In-Game use.

Additional Info



Special Events

1 & 4. Operation: Rogue Assault • 2. Operation: Red Storm • 3. Operation: Warhawk • 5. Operation: Hellfire • 6. Operation: Red Sky • 7. Operation: Rolling Thunder • 8. Operation: Undead Harvest • 9. Operation: Shockwave • 10. Operation: Hellstorm • 11. Operation: Red Swarm • 12. Operation: Warlord • 13. Operation: Crossfire • 14. Operation: Front Line • 15. Operation: Archangel • 16. Operation: Halcyon • 17. Operation: Deadpoint • 18. Operation: Deadpoint 2 • 19. Operation: Undead Rising • 20. Operation: Desert Recon • 21. Operation: Devil's Grip • 22. Operation: Red Storm (2014) • 23. Operation: Hellstorm 2 • 24. Operation: Floodgate • 25. Operation: Floodgate 2

Operation: Badger Run

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