Building Description A grid on the ground that emits flames when enemies walk over top of it. FlameGrates(2Sidebyside)
Building Type Special Event Only // Rogue Faction Controlled
Building Group Non Player Controlled Building
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Building Function

  • The Flame Gates produces a periodic burst of Flame from beneath each gate.
  • There will be 3 states in which the Flame Grate may be in:
    • An " OFF " state that's just a metal grid.
    • An " ON " state that has some glowing red indication that the Flame Grate is ready to unload its flames (serves as a warning).
    • An " ACTIVE " state in which it's emitting flames.
  • Ground Units passing over the Flame Gates during the " ACTIVE " state will sustain Damage from the Fire
  • Additionally Ground Units passing over the Flame Gates during the " ACTIVE " state will exposed to the Status Effect : Napalm ( Napalm-ICON ).
  • Ground Units may pass safely over a Flame Grate when its in both an " OFF " or " ON " state without sustaining any Damage.

Disabling Building Function

The Flame Grate may be disabled to prevent them from becoming " ON " or " ACTIVE " making it safe for Units to pass over.

  • The Flame Grate itself cannot be Targeted or Fired upon by any attacking Units.
  • All Flame Grates may be deactivated ( permanently " OFF " ) by destroying any Flame Grate Controller buildings located in the Base.

Flame Grate Controller

States of Repair

Normal Damaged Destroyed
100% - 50% Health 49% - 1% Health 0% Health

Appearance History

Flame Grate Special Event Appearance History
Appearance Appearance Info
Operation: Inferno EventSquare-Inferno Found in various Event Bases
Appears Only During Special Events Listed.

Additional Facts

  • The Flame Grates are often found in rows containing several gates side by side to form a line of "Fire" when active. 
  • The Flame Grates are commonly found blocking attack paths Ground Units would normally follow during an assault such as entrances to otherwise walled areas.

In-Game Quotes

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A grid on the ground that emits flames when enemies walk over top of it.
  — Operation: Inferno - Forum Thread [src]

Additional Quote
  — Quote Source 

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