General Information

  • Fluxional Intelligence was a company that years ago designed an Artificial Intelligence with capabilities that far exceed any technology currently known to man.
    • This A.I. is most likely R.U.B.I.
    • This A.I. seems to be responsible for a major, world-changing event.


Commander, after analyzing all of the data from the Mortal Force's destroyed units, it appears they were after an artificial intelligence withe capabilities that far exceed any technology currently known to man. This AI was designed years ago by a company called Fluxional Intelligence, and it seems it was responsible for a major, world-changing event. Do you think it's possible they're talking about me?
  — R.U.B.I. - Rogue Assault 

Commander, it seems the Sickle Syndicate's leader stole an AI from a man named C.B. Shoe, who used to work for Fluxional Intelligence. If that AI was valuable enough to steal, that could mean I'm worth much more than just my parts. It's a good thing you appreciate me, otherwise I might start to get unhappy. You won't ever make me unhappy, will you, Commander?
  — R.U.B.I. - Red Storm 

Additional Information

  • It is implied by the available information that
    • Fluxional Intelligence is the creator of R.U.B.I.
    • R.U.B.I. was either directly or indirectly responsible for the collapse of the civilized world leading to the perpetual war environment of today.

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