Attack Objective - Event Fortress - River Base Fortress-EventBox-Icon

  • River Base - For this Event, the Fortresses will be Compound Fortresses called River Bases.
  • River Base Levels - There are two Levels of the River Base : Level ...
  • River Base Compound Layouts - The River Base consist of 3 Bases ( 2 Satellites & 1 Core ) covering 3 Hexagons on the World Map. Together they are considered a single base, thus the player must destroy all 3 to complete the objective.
    • Satellite 1 - Spawn Location : Southwest. Contains an Island that can only be accessed by Aircraft, Flying Infantry and Mercenary Mechs. Must be destroyed prior to attacking Satellite 2.
    • Satellite 2 - Spawn Location : Southwest. Contains a river separating two land masses but both can be accessed by all Ground Units via a bridge. Must be destroyed prior to attacking the Core.
    • The Core - Spawn Location : Southeast. Contains pits that hinder the movements of any Ground Units used in the Attack.
  • Single Attack Direction - Players may surround a River Base with Platoons to use during the attack, however, regardless of the Platoon's position all Units will enter the Attack from a single direction depending on the which of the three compound bases being attacked.
  • Unlimited Attacks - The Player may stop and start an attack on a any portion of a River Base as many times as they find necessary to complete the target providing time remains on the Time Limit Countdown.
  • Time Limit - The Player must completely destroy each portion of the River Base Compound within set amount of time in order to complete the Objective. This Time Limit is determined by the Tier the River Base is associated with. ( For more information see Tiered Bracket Systema above ).
  • River Base Completion - To complete a River Base Objective, the Player must destroy all Buildings, Turrets and Defending Units located within each of the 3 Base that make up the Compound. ( Does NOT include Drones or Last Stand Defenders ).
  • Frequency - The destruction of one River Base Compound is required to complete each Tier starting with Tier ?.
  • Non-Exclusive Event Base - When required the Player may attack any Active River Base found on the World Map. In this effort the Player may enlist help in completing the base from Allied Players. However, only the Player destroying the Final Target found within the base will get credit for its completion.


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