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Boss Unit Features

  • The Hannibal Boss has a very high Health & Range while dealing very high Damage.
    • These actual stats have never been officially disclosed by Kixeye.
  • The Hannibal Boss will NOT fire upon any Units NOT deployed from a Platoon.


  • The Hannibal Boss is a very unique large modified version of the Warhorse.
    • It is equipped with two barrels compared to 1 seen on the Warhorse.
    • It also has has 2 bulldozer blades on the front of the main units body beneath the barrels.
    • It has a unique camo-like War Paint.
  • The Hannibal Boss is the only Boss Unit not to represent a Leader of a Rogue Faction.
  • The Hannibal Boss is the 2nd Boss Unit to be introduced.

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