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Hellfire Missiles are missiles launched by the following units/buildings:

Hellfire / Elite


Hellstorm / Elite


Missile Silo


V2 Spotter



- Although hellfire-class missiles typically deal the most damage and have the furthest range of any long-range unit, their sheer size makes it able to be shot down by certain anti-air units. All units that can shoot it down (but are currently not limited to) are the Rifleman / Elite, Heavy Gunner / EliteSniper (modified), Stinger, Hercules, Humvee / Elite, Gatling Truck / Elite, and the Reaper Drone.

- Hellfire-class missiles vary in size and shape. Regarding units, the size from smallest to largest goes in this order:

Hellfire / Elite (not customized), Hellstorm (not customized), V2 Spotter

- Missiles fired from the silo are arguably the largest in the game so far, being almost the same size as the V2 missile. However, a certain type of missile (Skybolt) launched from the silo are the only type of hellfire-class that can cause the Concussion effect

-There is also a tactic that you shoot hellfire missiles at units that can fire at them to draw away fire so your other units can attack them with less losses.

-The Stinger is very good at shooting down hellfire missiles so you should take them out before sending hellfire missile launchers.

-Most Special Forces units cannot take out hellfire missiles from the Hellfire but can still hit Hellstorm missiles.

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