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______Class______ Upgrade Building Production Method
Turret Defense Lab Dozer
Splash Damage   Infantry     Vehicle         Air      
YES Best Good Can't Hit

Upgrade Progression

Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Defense Lab Production Cost Production Time ROF Range Damage (DPS) Power Used
Metal Oil Thorium Metal Oil Thorium
1 15,000,000 15,000,000 0 5d 8 3,750,000 3,750,000 0 14h 24m 10 387 1,584 600
2 20,000,000 20,000,000 0 6d 9 5,000,000 5,000,000 0 17h 16m 10 400 1,782 700
3 20,000,000 20,000,000 0 6d 9 5,000,000 5,000,000 0 17h 16m 10 425 1,980 800
4 20,000,000 20,000,000 0 7d 10 6,250,000 5,000,000 0 20h 9m 10 450 2,178 900
5 20,000,000 20,000,000 0 7d 10 6,250,000 5,000,000 0 20h 9m 10 468 2,376 1,000
6 27,000,000 27,000,000 800,000 5s 10 6,750,000 6,750,000 240,000 5s 10 468 2,666 1,000
7 29,250,000 29,250,000 1,000,000 5s 10 6,750,000 6,750,000 300,000 5s 10 468 2,933 1,000
Total 151,250,000 151,250,000 1,800,000 31d
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7
HellfireTurret(Lv1)-80px HellfireTurret(Lv2)-80px HellfireTurret(Lv3)-80px HellfireTurret(Lv4)-80px HellfireTurret(Lv5)-80px HellfireTurret(Lv6)-80px HellfireTurret(Lv7)-80px

Related Missions

Mission Icon __________Description__________ Awards for Completion
Metal Oil Medals
Bringing Hell MissionIcon-Hellfire Unlock Hellfire Turret in Defense Lab 2,000,000 2,000,000 MedalIcon 0
Some Missions May Not Be Available Until The Completion Of Others.

Additional Facts

  • The Hellfire Turret's missile may be targeted and shot down by any Unit that is able to Fire on Aircraft except the Flak Tank and Standard or Elite Valkyrie.
  • The Hellfire Turret's missile may not be targeted and shot down by a Customized Sniper.
  • A Level 5 Hellfire Turret can be outranged by a Level 7 Hellfire.
  • The Level 6 Hellfire Turret was introduced in the Game Update of Nov. 13th 2013.
  • From Level 1 to Level 5 the Hellfire Turret fires 1 missile at a time that fly in a slow moving arc. This makes it very ineffective against moving targets. 
  • At Level 6 the Hellfire Turret fires 2 missiles simultaneously, both with an increase velocity over the single missile of previous levels. In addition, the two missiles split into clusters just prior to impact similar to the missiles fired form the Elite Hellfire.
  • The Level 7 Hellfire Turret was introduced in the Game Update of March 5th 2014.

In-Game Quotes

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Hellfires are medium-range rockets that pack a serious punch. These turrets rain down devastation on base invaders.
  — In-Game Description 

ROCKET LAUNCH - Everyone knows that if you play with fire, you're going to get burned, Commander!
  — R.U.B.I. (Unlocks Hellfire Turret) 

BRAG UNLOCKS HELLFIRE TURRET - Screams of terror will be like music to your ears, Commander.
  — R.U.B.I. 

MISSION - Commander, you should research the Hellfire Turret. Then we can lay out a fire filled welcome mat four our foes.
  — Mission - Bringing Hell 

MISSION - Excellent Commander! I can already imagine our enemies bursting into flames.
  — Mission - Bringing Hell Complete 

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Known Issues

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Listed here are bugs that have been identified with this Unit or Feature. Once fixed each issue will be moved to Resolved.

Greetings all, Just wanted to let you know that we're monitoring the Hellstorm/Hellfire projectile overkill situation very closely. We're going to be adding health to those projectiles and all Missiles in next week's release. These changes should return these units to the level of effectiveness that they enjoyed before the overkill targeting changes, but we will closely monitor the situation and make further adjustments if needed.
  — KIXEYE CM Chris [src]

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