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Attention Commanders,

Live Battles have arrived! We are slowly letting players in to ensure a smooth launch. It's time to engage your enemy in realtime player versus player combat! Tired of your enemy hiding in his base? Knock down his door and roast his defenses where they stand. The new Live Battles feature will allow you to take the fight directly to your enemy while adding an entirely new level of strategic depth to the game. *Check for updates at the bottom of the thread!*

Some of the highlights from this update:

  • No more "your base is under attack, please wait" you now can watch and command your base defenders while you are under attack.
  • No more "player is in their base" messages, even if the owner of the base is online and sitting in their base you can attack them!
  • You can leave a battle, return to the map and move platoons around then re-enter the same battle.
  • You can participate in multiple battles at the same time!
  • The AI uses a lot less CPU, this should greatly reduce lag on slower PC's
  • The server now is in charge of the battles, this makes the game more secure!

There's only room for one Commander in this wasteland. Get ready to prove your dominance once and for all. To help you accomplish your mission we're rolling out fresh strategy videos for Live Battles. Expect a new strategy video everyday next week. As for future content, the sky is the limit. Expect big things.


UI Improvements

There are a bunch of UI improvements that will give you greater control on the battlefield:

  • Command Card : Bottom right of the screen in battle. Houses all the new commands and shows their hotkeys. Also shows which commands are active for the selected units. Hover over the new buttons for details on how they work! You’ll also notice we moved the R.U.B.I. button to the bottom right of the screen to group it with the other commands.

Additional Facts

  • Real-time PvP combat set to raise the level of intensity and epic warfare.
  • “Live Battles,” an exciting new feature that will allow players to engage in high-intensity PvP battles with opponents from around the world.
  • Players will now be able to immediately drop into the game and instantly command their troops to defend against enemy attacks as they happen. This form of synchronous, head-to-head strategic combat will be a first for any browser-based game without a client download.
  • The launch of Live Battles marks the latest in a series of major updates to War Commander, including a massive new World Map, which lets players explore and take control of new territory to build their empires.
  • The mode gave players the opportunity to react instantly in the game's battles.


“Live Battles for War Commander was the number one most requested feature by our community, and we spent the past four months working to get it right. We see this as the future of competitive multiplayer games for browser, and its quantum leaps forward of what’s currently on the market.”
  — David Scott - Executive Producer at KIXEYE 

Greetings Commander, We are aware of some issues with certain game features causing battle desynchronization. You may specifically notice this occurring when using multi-target components. You may see things like health values displaying incorrectly, or buildings and units not being destroyed despite having no more health, you may also see units which seem to fire beyond their normal ranges. You may also notice a black or white screen during combat. We are working hard to resolve these issues as soon as possible.


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