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Building Description The Missile Silo houses all of the Missiles in your arsenal. Missile Silo WC
Effects of Upgrade

Upgrading this building increases your missile storage capacity.

Building Group Defense Buildings
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Upgrade Progression

Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade
Capacity Power
Metal Oil
1 3,000 3,000 25s 100 40 3
2 44,000 17,600 4m 10s 200 50 3
3 96,800 38,720 50m 300 60 3
4 212,960 85,184 4h 10m 400 70 5
5 468,512 187,405 12h 30m 500 80 5
6 1,030,726 412,291 1d 7h 7m 600 90 5
7 2,267,598 907,039 2d 14h 30m 700 100 5
8 4,988,716 1,995,486 4d 13h 10m 800 110 6
9 10,976,175 4,390,070 7d 23h 23m 900 120 6
10 19,145,384 9,658,154 11d 22h 57m 1,000 130 6
Total 39,233,871 39,233,871 27d 22h 41m 35s

Air Missiles that can be built.

  1. Griffin
  2. Burner
  3. Tomahawk
  4. Skybolt
  5. Shock
  6. Corrosion
  7. Deadeye
  8. Peacekeeper

Known Issues

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Listed here are bugs that have been identified with this Unit or Feature. Once fixed each issue will be moved to Resolved.

Existing Known Bugs :

Resolved Bugs :

  • Fixed an issue with the Missile cooldown timer showing incorrect cooldown times.
  • Fixed an issue with Missile upgrades stopping for some users when offline.
  • Fixed an issue with scrapping Missiles. The capacity bar did not update correctly to show the capacity you'll free up.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Incoming Missiles" UI no appearing in PvP combat.
  • Fixed an issue with Missile detonations occurring despite being shot down.
  • Fixed a bug that causes Missile sound to persist if you surrender during launch.

Forum Discussion Links :

Additional Facts

  • You must unlock the missiles first in Defense Lab under the tab Missiles before you can build them.
  • Became available May 16th 2013
  • CAUTION: As with aircraft the direction of your Missiles entry is dictated by the position of your base to the base you are attacking.
  • If you choose to upgrade the lvl of your missiles you have to use Thorium upgrade them beyond Level 4 . However at that Level you also require Thorium for the construction of a missile within your Missile Silo so exercise caution when unpgrading your Missiles.
  • It costs 1 million Thorium to allow the Griffin Missile to allow it to reach Level 4 and 100 000 Thorium for building a Level 4 Griffin.
  • The Missile Silo has 3 different looks to go with the upgrade progression. Levels 1-4 is one green missile, at level 5, there are 2 purple missiles, and at level 10, there are 3 red missiles.
  • Launched Missile will display a health bar when damaged.
  • Launched Missile countdown will now include milliseconds in the display.
  • Griffin, Burner, and Tomahawk Missiles are Missiles that require Thorium to produce have received a health increase.

In-Game Quotes

The Missile Silo houses all of the missiles in your arsenal. Upgrading this building increases your missile storage capacity.
  — In-game description 





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