Additional Info

  • Experience Points (XP) are given to the player for the Resources gained through the completion of these missions at the standard conversion rate. ( 1 xp per 50 combined Resources )
  • When a mission has been completed it will be marked with a green check mark.
  • To receive the awarded Resources the player clicks on a completed mission and selects "Collect"
  • Not all missions can be viewed in the Mission Panel at one time. As some are completed others will be displayed
  • A mission does not have to be visible in the Mission Panel to be completed. However once it is completed it will be displayed with the green check mark.
  • Missions are designed ( at least early ones are ) to aid a player in early game progression and to provide much needed Resources before they are ready to go out and Loot.
  • Reduced the frequency of a pop up that appears when a player has more than 3 uncollected Missions.

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