There is very little strategy involved in this event as most of it can be brute forced as all non vehicle units can be repaired instantly. However there are some tricks that will help in the higher waves - 10+ where the units may simply rip through your base. I ran with 5 level 2 mortars in a star like fasion. However on wave 15 I had to make my mortars in a line as shown in the gallery.

Honey Badgers are not much of a threat but rhinos should not be underestimated, however there is a way to kill them as shown it the picture below.

Howtodeal with rhinos.

Rhinos are extremely dangerous but do very little damage to infantry allowing spread out mortar teams to take them out.

Paladins are also a threat but fortunately there is also a way to take them out as shown in the picture below. You can also use suicide bombers but I did not have them yet and completed the event in a 3 hours, you can have 4-5 days.

The paladin is much more of a threat but fortunately he only appears in waves 14 and 15 and there is only one of them in each of the waves, rhinos appear in more larger quantities and are more of a threat. However the Paldin is much more effective at taking out infantry.

Wave 15 before sending in their stronger tanks they spam about 20 honey badgers which can make short work of your mortars keep them away at all costs.


Heavy Gunners have more health and when spread around the paladin distract him. The reason you are not sucideing the mortar teams is because you need their help somewhere else after that.

Some other tips are:

1. There are no air strikes in the event. So, you should not use any gun turrets, all mortars are better.

2. Mortars, Mortar Teams, and Rhinos decimate the units in the event because the dangerous units are weak to explosives here. 

3. Heavy Gunners will shred up Honey Badgers like newspaper and take very reduced damage from them. 

4. Using the free 5 minute repair (repair a certain amount of units at a time) is a very good tactic for event. 

5. Heavy Gunners will work in event, until they begin to send too many tanks for the gunners to handle, switch to mortar teams. 

6. Be vigilant in attacks, as waves of units will come from multiple directions, luckily the spawn points are preset and are not random allowing you to pull off the top two tricks.  7. Protect Command Center and Power Plants at all costs! If your command center is destroyed, then the wave is lost and has to be redone. Do not protect resource storages in event, you will not lose anything. 

8. It might be wise to put power plants on overdrive in attacks (this goes for all events, not just this event).

9. If you made any changes in your base, you can put it back the way it was after you have beat Badger Run.

10. Have fun and don't quit the game like the guy whos account I used to pass the event. 

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