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The Mortal Force is no more. Stories of their demise at the hands of a brutal, new Rogue Faction are staggering and inhuman. One thing's clear, Commander - bloodshed is imminent. Can we count on you?
  — First Description 
War Commander Operation Front Line01:47

War Commander Operation Front Line

 The event will be defensive, not hybrid. The returning features/units is the Blitz Waves (In Operation: Crossfire) and the V2 Spotters (In Operation: Hellstorm) but possibly stronger. This event also marked the end of the rogue Faction the Mortal Force and their places in the world map were taken by the new Rogue Faction the M.A.Y.H.A.M.

At each wave you have to destroy a V2 spotter, but they will be far weaker than the V2 Spotter we normally encounter.

Prizes Bonus

How To Deal With The Event

For a while they will be using Humvees and mostly Infantry, then they will be using Rhinos. It won't be until the first Blitz wave that they will start using Challengers. The #1 best units to use in this event are Elite Laser Tanks & FAV as the enemy will mostly be infantry and tanks. For turrets, use a mix of Cryo, Hellfire, Plasma, and Napalm or anything that will hit long distance targets. This will prevent troops from getting too close to your base since they will be using V2 Spotters in every wave. After wave #40, Mega Tanks and V2 will spawn in every wave as well as (mostly) Elite warhawks, Hellfires & laser tanks.

During that event KIXEYE has introduce new types of weapon : The cruise Missiles

During the Battle you will fight multiple types of missiles :

  1. V2 missiles : A larger version of Hellfire/Hellstorm missiles. Destroy the V2 spotter and the missile fire will cease.
  2. Griffin - Deals moderate damage and is effective against defences.
  3. Burner -  Missile that apply's the Napalm status effect.
  4. Tomahawk - Missile that deals heavy damage to vehicles in particular.
  5. Peacekeeper - Missile that deals massive damage to anything caught in the blast.


  • First description is already at the top page.

This new threat has been identified as the M.A.Y.H.E.M. Faction - a legion of cutthroats with ice in their veins. Prepare your defenses, Commander - this is like nothing you've seen before.
  — Second Description 

The M.A.Y.H.E.M. Faction is tearing through anything that stands in their path. Make no mistake, it's your head or theirs, Commander. Arm your defenses and lock down your base - Operation: Front Line begins in less than 24 hours!
  — Third Description 

Operation: Front Line has begun! To ensure your survival, unlock powerful new weaponry from the Event Store like the Gladiator Mech. God speed, Commander!
  — Fourth Description 

The M.A.Y.H.E.M. Faction is showing no signs of slowing down. Are you up for the challenge?
  — Fifth Description 

Less than 24 hours left in Operation: Front Line! The Elite Gladiator is putting enemy attackers to shame.
  — Seventh Description 

Operation: Front Line has ended and the M.A.Y.H.E.M. Faction is in shambles. Don't rest too easy... you haven't seen the last of Colonel Krumpus...
  — Eighth Description 

Don't forget there's less than 24 hours left to head to the Event Store and claim your prize, Commander! Don't let your powerful defensive work go to waste.
  — Nineth Description 

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War Commander Operation FrontLine Wave 49

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