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Operation Hellfire02:16

Operation Hellfire

Official Video

You need to destroy numerous Verkraft bases to gain enough XP to unlock the Hellfire Tank, and some more to unlock the Elite Hellfire. You need 2,250 XP to unlock the Regular Hellfire Tank, and 3,375 to unlock the Elite Hellfire Tank.

First, you have to destroy the base. Then, you had to pick up the schematics (in the shape of a sideways cube) with a ground unit, and go outside a red circle. You can also gain the XP if all structures in the base are completely destroyed.

A lot of people were mad at Kixeye for how hard the event was, because it was too hard to get the rewards. The game experienced server issues and many people could not log on. On top of that, glitches such as not being able to retrieve the reward and the the mines spawning randomly added fuel to the fire. Kixeye eventually changed the XP distribution although XP gained prior to the change remained the same.

The event was believed to be the most challenging event so far. Kixeye CM, Swag, also responded in Kixeye's forum that this is due to the players commenting that the previous event (most probably Operation Warhawk) being too easy.

The Hellfire tank's main function, as demonstrated in the video presented by CM Swag, was to destroy mortars and units from long distances. However, the missiles are "So Large" that they are able to be shot down by gun turrets. This shows a weakness in the tank that shows razorbacks are more effective than elite hellfires. 

This event requires lots of patience, tactics (baiting, shooting & quickly end attack before the mortar land, etc), and advance knowledge of game mechanics instead of regular spamming. Any player without stronger units risks not achieving enough XP for the Hellfire, much less the Elite version.

7 exp from a lv 10 (formerly 2 XP)

15 exp from a lv 15 (formerly 8 XP)

30 exp from a lv 20 (formerly 15 XP)

75 exp from a lv 25

200 exp from a lv 30


Official Wallpaper by Kixeye



Beating a Level 25 Verkraft Base04:27

Beating a Level 25 Verkraft Base

Fun Facts

This represents the capture of V2 missile sites during World War 2 against Nazi Germany. Heinrich von Krueger bears resemblance to the in game name and the real life counterpart Wernher von Braun, as this event also portrays the hellfire resembling the v2 missile.

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