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Event introduces air base defence. Players need to attack bases on the world map to gain exp which can be exchanged for prizes. Players are required to use anti-air defence to protect their attacking force during the attack.

War Commander Operation Red Sky01:48

War Commander Operation Red Sky

Operation: Red Sky is approaching fast! Check out the latest video briefing for exclusive details.

Upon reaching certain milestones, air strikes become more dangerous. Values are total exp not exp in balance. **CONFIRMATION NEEDED FOR CURRENT STATS***

  • Exp 0 - None
  • Exp 2,600 - 6 Raptors air strike
  • Exp 3,000 - 7 Warhawks
  • Exp 3,200 - 2 Thunderbolts
  • Exp 3,400 - 6 Raptors
  • Exp 3,700 7 Elite Warhawks


Event went from August 23 to August 27 2012.

Official Wallpaper


Detailed Play Information

  • Attack Waves
    • Special Event Base - For each Attack Wave the Player may choose their target from 5 different levels of Sickle Syndicate Event Bases.
    • Event Base Choices - There are 5 Levels of Event Bases : Level 10, 15, 20, 25 & 30.
    • Event Base Choices - eXP is awarded based on the Level of Event Base completed. See table below for complete listing.
    • Successful Attack - An attack on a Special Event Base is considered successful when all the Base Structures have been Destroyed.
    • Unlimited Attacks - The Player may attack each Special Event Base as many times as necessary to complete its destruction.
  • Ending of a Special Event. A Special Event ends in 1 of 3 ways:
    1. The Official Event Clock expires.
    2. The Player reaches a Wave in which they can no longer field units to successfully complete a Event Base.
    3. The Player successfully earns enough eXP to Unlock all the Event Prizes.

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