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Operation: Red Storm is the 2nd Special Event to be presented in War Commander.
In most cases Commanders are challenged to complete increasingly more difficult objectives against one or more Rogue Factions With the successful completion of each objective in the allotted time the Player is awarded with special Event Experience Points (eXP) which they may in turn use to unlock Special Event Prizes in the Event Shop.
The Event Format for each Special Event may vary, see below for more information.

Event Information

EVENT START February 16, 2012 Operation: Red Storm
EVENT END February 21, 2012
EVENT NUMBER 2 One Month since last Special Event
EVENT CLASS Attack Commanders Attack Special Event Bases via the War Room
ANTAGONIST Sickle Syndicate Commanded by : Sergey Kalashnikov
EVENT DURATION 5 Days Feb. 16 @ 9:00 am through Feb 21 @ 12:00 am
NUMBER OF WAVES 25 Each Wave consist of its own unique Event Base Layout
BONUS WAVES Yes Complete 1 extra Waves to receive Special Version of Prize
PLAYER ASSISTANCE No Players may NOT receive assistance from Friendly Commanders.

New Event Prizes

Laser Tank Beat Wave 25 None Vehicle
Special Paint Job Beat Wave 26 None N / A

Detailed Play Information

  • Attack Waves
    • Special Event Base  - For each Attack Wave there is a corresponding Level of Sickle Syndicate Base.
    • Successful Attack - An attack on a Special Event Base is considered successful when all the Buildings ( with the exception of the Barricades)  found within it are destroyed.
    • Unlimited Attacks - The Player may attack each Special Event Base as many times as necessary to completely Destroy the Base.
  • Ending of a Special Event. A Special Event ends in 1 of 3 ways:
    1. The Official Event Clock expires.
    2. The Player reaches a Wave in which they can not successfully Destroy the Special Event Base, thus forcing the Player to resign from the event.
    3. The Player successfully completes all designated waves Unlocking the Event Prizes.

Additional Information

  • Operation: Red Storm introduced a new Rogue Faction called the Sickle Syndicate.
  • Operation: Red Storm was a all Attack Event.
  • Operation: Red Storm consisted of 25  Atack Waves.
    • Each wave consist a special event only base with a unique layout.
    • Event Bases are accessed via the War Room.
    • Event Base do not reset, therefore the Player could take days to complete a single base if needed.
  • Operation: Red Storm offered 1 Bonus Attack Waves which if completed gave the unlocked Laser Tank a Special Edition Paint Job.
  • The Laser Tank was awarded pre-unlocked in the Tech Center and ready for production in the War Factory.

Event Firsts & Records

  • War Commander Firsts :
  • Special Event Prize Firsts :
    • First Special Event Prize to be awarded pre-unlocked  - The Laser Tank @ Lv. 1
  • General Special Event Firsts :
    • First Attack Class Special Event - Operation: Red Storm
    • First Special Event with unique Event Bases - Operation: Red Storm
  • Special Event Records :
    • The only Attack Class Special Event prior to the World Map - Operation: Red Storm
    • The only Special Event to utilize the War Room - Operation: Red Storm

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The world is not as it once was, Commander. We need every advantage, every edge, we can get to survive. The Sickle Syndicate, a new Rogue Faction of considerable power, has risen. They posses an impressive new vehicle we must claim for our own. Lay waste to their Bases and the technology will be ours! Are you up to the challenge? Operation: Red Storm begins at 9am PST on February 16th. Time to bring out their dead.
  — R.U.B.I. Facebook Announcement 

We've gained access to a transmission from Covert Ops about the impending threat posed by the Sickle Syndicate. Watch the video for exclusive intel on the Faction's leader and the dark days to come.
  — Operation: Red Storm Teaser Video 

Additional Quote Here.
  — Quote Source 

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Operation Red Storm00:58

Operation Red Storm

Official Teaser Video

Operation Red Storm Laser Tank Unleashed02:13

Operation Red Storm Laser Tank Unleashed

Official Event Video.


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