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Don't give up, Commander - there's less than 24 hours left to defeat the Red Lokust! Finish strong and show Sasha Kalashnikov she messed with the wrong army. Good luck!

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The Red Lokust are at your doorstep - will you stand up and fight? Beat back enemy attacks and show Kalashnikov she messed with the wrong base!


The World Map has changed forever! Kalashnikov has pulled together elite air units to form the Red Lokust Rogue Faction. This new terror has begun aggressive expansion in every direction. Prepare your defense, Commander - the battle begins in less than 24 hours.


By putting her superior airpower to use, Kalashnikov and her small group of loyalists have overthrown and assumed control of the Black Widow Rogue Faction. Directly following the battle, Kalashinov let remaining soldiers know their options: "The spider is no more. The Swarm has prevailed. Join the Swarm or die."


The Kalashnikov bond has been broken. Although Sasha's father Sergei has spared her life, her failed coup attempt has led to her exile from the Sickle Syndicate. Recent intel indicates she's currently roaming the barren wastelands with a small group of followers recruiting pilots and capturing enemy aircraft. Be prepared, Commander - no one is safe!

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