Shockwave is an attacking event. Players are required to attack Hellhound bases to earn exp. Bases will have multiple war factories and barracks capable of producing vehicles and infantry to help defend the Hellhound bases. The Infantry and vehicles produced will become progressively harder as you earn more exp.

Infantry is consisted of shock troopers and Suicide Bombers. Be warned they capable disbaling your vehicles.

Bases are defending with the latest turrets. Rocket barrages, Plasma cannons and laser turrets as well as the new Shock Turret.
War Commander - The Shock Tank00:53

War Commander - The Shock Tank

Good luck commander

Duration: December 6th to 13th

War Factories produce Tanks, and suicide bomber(Mistaken from barracks).

Barracks produce Shock Trooper and Sucide bomber.

The Shock Tank was added to the event on Saturday and 24hrs was added to the event time.

Photos from event

Shock tank inof

Shock tank


Event Bases

430929 312915188813324 1359657743 n

Operation: Shockwave has come to an end. Did you do enough damage to win Shock technology?

64078 312560345515475 410972930 n

Only 24 hours left in Operation: Shockwave. Destroy Hell Hound bases all over the World Map and the Shock Troop, Turret, or Tank could be yours. Keep fighting, Commander!

Official wallpaper from KIXEYE:

1280x1024 = here

1920x1080 =here

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