Building Description The Orbital Laser bounces a destructive Laser Beam off a satellite and back causing massive AoE explosion on the ground. ObitalLaser-MainPic
Building Type Special Event Only  //  Rogue Faction Controlled
Building Group Non Player Controlled Building
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Building Function

  • Building with near infinite range.
  • Dynamic targeting
    • When a unit location is targeted, a large area decal is painted on the ground and an AoE explosion is triggered at the location dealing damage over time to all units in the area.
      • The explosion cannot be prevented by destroying a projectile and instead must be avoided.

State of Repairs

Mini Orbital Laser
Normal Damaged Destroyed
ObitalLaser(Small)-MainPic ObitalLaser(Small)-Damaged ObitalLaser(Small)-Destroyed
100% - 50% Health 49% - 1% Health 0% Health
High Level Version
Normal Damaged Destroyed
ObitalLaser-MainPic ObitalLaser-Damaged ObitalLaser-Destroyed
100% - 50% Health 49% - 1% Health 0% Health

Appearance History

Orbital Laser Appearance History
Appearance Appearance Info
Operation: Iron March IronMarch-(SpecialEventPagePic)2 Found in Various Levels of Event Bases
Operation: Iron Reign IronReign-(SpecialEventPagePic) Found in Various Levels of Event Bases
Operation: Iron Lord IronLord-(SpecialEventPagePic) Found in Various Levels of Event Bases
Operation: Dragon's Oath DragonsOath-EventSquare Found in Various Levels of Event Bases
Operation: Inferno EventSquare-Inferno Found in Various Levels of Event Bases
Appears Only During Special Events Listed.

Additional Facts

  • The Orbital Laser was introduced in Operation: Iron March.
  • The Orbital Laser can be found in some Rogue Faction controlled Special Event Bases & Fortresses.
  • The Orbital Laser can also be found in Level 50 Verkraft Thorium Compounds
  • The Orbital Laser has a relatively High Health.
  • The Orbital Laser Building causes heavy casualties and a massive AoE explosion on the ground dealing damage to all Units in the area.
  • Ground Units will trigger the Orbital Laser Building and will be the main target suffering casualties.
  • Building Code : 73 & 76

In-Game Quotes

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Tip - This building is best taken out with the air units you have available. Trick - Using fast-moving units will stop you from taking damage from the laser explosion and can aid in destroying this building.
  — CM Sulaco [src]

Space for the In-Game description ( Duplicate for Additional Quotes.
  — In-game description 

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  • Will we see that laser building in upcoming events or as a prize?
    • Yes … but … There’s fun to be had in exploring new puzzles and gameplay challenges. You can expect a few more cool things to show up in event targets and boss bases before they start to become available to players.. - AMA with WC Design Team ( Aug 26, 2014 )

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War Commander Operation Iron March02:04

War Commander Operation Iron March


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