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Purpose of Page

This page serves as an open forum to suggest Poll Topics to the Administration of the War Commander Wiki to be featured on the Front Page.

The idea is to create a Pool of Questions from which an Admin can select for inclusion on the Front Page when a new question is required. 

Important Notes

  • Any Poll suggestions on this page deemed suitable may be selected at random.
  • If a Poll Topic is deemed inappropriate, it may be removed at the discretion of the administration.
  • Poll Topics and or any Answer Selections may be altered at the discretion of the administration.
  • ATTENTION - Please follow the proper format when adding a Poll suggestion. Question 1 may be Copied / Pasted and then edited.

Suggested Poll Topics

Poll Question 3

Do you like the new Tier system?

  • Yes - I love it
  • It's OK
  • No - I hate it
  • No Opinion on this

Poll Question 4

Should Kixeye give us back the old event xp earning system?

  • Yes - As it should be
  • It's OK
  • No - Current tier system is OK
  • No Opinion on this

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