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Support Turrets

Support Turrets are a new type of Turret that, when placed on a Standard Platform, will provide a unique benefit to a single adjacent Platform. The benefit it provides depends on the type of Support Turret used.

General Information

  • Support Turrets are unlocked and upgraded in the Defense Lab.
    • Support Turrets require a Level 21 or higher Defense Lab to unlock.
  • Support Turrets must be placed on a Standard Defense Platform of any level.
  • Support Turrets may only be linked and provide benefit to a single Defense Turret each.
    • To link the Support Turret it must be placed in adjacent tile next to the Defense Turret.
    • When linked a Beam will extend to and connect the Support Turret to the Defense Turret.
  • One of each Support Turret types may be linked to a single Defense Turret.
  • If a Support Turret is destroyed it will no longer provide benefits to the Defense Turret.
  • If a linked Defense Turret is destroyed the Support Turret will automatically link to any other Defense Turret that is immediately adjacent to it and begin providing benefits to it.

Support Turret Variants

Additional Information


  • Support Turrets, by extension of the Defense Lab level requirements also requires a Level 12 Command Center to unlock.

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