Q: What is the rational behind removing items/units from the game? Why not change unpopular items to make them more usable? Example: reduce the space requirement/ targeting of the Kondor so it's actually useful.

  • A: While some items are core to the game and will always exist, event prizes have always been intended to feel special and rare. We decided to set the precedent that event units may or may not always be available, because to achieve event success and unlock those units really is a great accomplishment, and we want to reward those players. Of course, this is punishing for those who aren't yet ready to always come out of the event on top, so we're looking at more ways to catch those players up-- bringing mid level players into the end-game at a much faster rate.

Q: With all the uniques, we are running out of space in our storage, is there anything going to happen there?

  • A: Great question. Too early to give details regarding this, but we're definitely aware of it and want to address it. There will always be some tradeoff, as Storage is a strategic choice, but we do feel it's getting a bit overloaded.

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