Q: I would like to know, whats the plan with thorium for the future ie depots and the payout etc. / why did Kixeye made Thorium depots this hard, we need it for everything. Will this change again?

  • A: Great question. On the surface it does feel like Giants are too hard, and we will be making some small changes to make up for that soon. Taking a step back though, the larger issue that we're addressing has nothing to do with the deposits themselves. The issue is the power curve. If you're a top, top player, Giants are not hard for you. Some players are too far ahead of the pack, so we need to let more players access weapons and defenses that are closer to that level of strength.

Q: Specifically, due to increased Thorium depo difficulties, we are seeing High level players taking Mid level depos, and Mids taking Low level depos because their own level depo is too difficult. This leaves low lvl players unable to participate in depos. What can be done, and will anything be done to address this?

  • A: Great insight, and we're actually acting on this very, very soon. Stay tuned-- low and mid level players should be happy about what's coming up in the next week.

Q: We want more options to get Thorium. You are setting up more and more things that require Thorium - are there plans for increasing access to Thorium in response?

  • A: As we stated in some other answers, we're actively looking at our mid and early game, and one of the most important things to keep in mind is the accessibility of Thorium for those players. We'll be implementing several new ways for these players to access to some Thorium-- some in the short term, and some in the long term.

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