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Deposits earn Oil, Metal or Thorium resources at a set rate, continuously throughout the time you own it, without requiring a specific act of collection, like Oil Pumps and Metal Factories (While in your home base, if you look at your resource collection total, you will see the totals constantly increasing from the flow of resources from the deposits).

  • Depot(Enemy)

    Enemy Oil Deposit

    Each Deposit size contains a set of defensive structures that can be repositioned, but not upgraded or added to by the player. In addition, you may add one Platoon of your own units (max 1500) to guard the deposit once in control of it.
  • Deposits can be obtained from either Rogue Factions (Yellow Color) or Enemy Players (Red Color). Control of Deposits is acquired by destroying all Defense Structures located on that deposit with the exception of the main deposit building itself which cannot be targeted.
  • Occasionally, a Rogue Faction may attack and capture a player-owned Deposit. In this case, the e-mail notification will say that Yuli Destroyed your Resource Deposit. For this reason, it is advised to take care when capturing Rogue Deposits, because you may be accused of being a thief by the previous owner.
  • Deposits on the map have a rising field around them, setting them apart from bases.
  • The resources aquired from Deposits DO NOT generate XP for the player.
  • You cannot loot Metal, Oil and Thorium from Deposits.
  • You can increase the collection from your deposit by using this three tactical special ops, 18 Wheeler, Deuce and a Half & Dragonfly. Refer below and to this article Special Ops.
Giant Thorium

Rogue Thorium Deposit


  • Attacking a deposit of an Enemy Player may provoke him/her to retaliate, and will revoke any Damage Protection of your Base.
  • A player will lose any Deposits that he/she owns when Relocating ("Jumping") out of a Sector.

Metal and Oil Deposits

Depo Size Per Min Per Hr Per Day Level of Machine Gun Level of Mortar Level of Bunkers Level of Mine Factory Level of Defense Platform Number of Turrets Number of Bunkers
Tiny 50 3,000 72,000 2 2 None None 1-2 1-3 0
Small 75 4.500 108,000 3 3 None None 2 2-4 0
Medium 125 7,500 180,000 3-4 3-4 2-3 2-3 2 4-6 1
Large 200 12,000 288,000 5 4-5 4 4 2-3 8-10 2
Giant 350 21,000 504,000 5 5 5 5 2-3 10-12 2

Specific Info for Metal & Oil Deposits:

  • Large and Giant rouge deposits now have drones that help defend themselves. However there is no drone silo and drones do not spawn after you take it.
  • These deposits endlessly produce resources and once spawned will remain on the map regardless of ownership.
  • There are six Special Ops that relate to Resource Deposits:
    • 18 Wheeler, Deuce and a Half, Dragonfly and Jumbo Jet - Increase resource generation from deposits by 20%, 40%, 60% and 100% respectively.
    • Forward Operating Base - Allows players to deploy platoons from any deposit that they own.
    • Sky Sentinel - 5 Mercenary Paladins and 5 Warhawks deploy when a your deposits are under attack.
  • New Rogue Faction Deposits will occasionally spawn on the map but on no set schedule.

Appearance Progression

Metal Deposit Appearance Progression
Tiny Small-Medium Large-Giant
MetalDepo1 MetalDepo2 MetalDepo3
Oil Deposit Appearance Progression
Tiny Small-Medium Large-Giant
OilDepo1 OilDepo2 OilDepo3

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