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Rogue Assault was the 1st & 4th Special Event to be presented in War Commander .
Commanders are challenged to complete increasingly more difficult waves of battle against one or more Rogue Factions. With the successful completion of each wave in the allotted time the Player is awarded with special Event Experience Points (eXP) which they may in turn use to unlock Special Event Prizes in the Event Shop.
The Event Format for each Special Event may vary, see below for more information.

Event Information

EVENT START January 19, 2012 Rogue Assault #1 - Original Run
EVENT END January 22, 2012
EVENT START June 28, 2012 Rogue Assault #4 - Repeat
EVENT END July 02, 2012
EVENT NUMBER 1 & 4 Event Repeated ( Unaltered )
EVENT CLASS Defensive Defend Against Waves of Rogue Attacks on Player's Base
ANTAGONIST Mortal Force Commanded by : Unknown
EVENT DURATION 3 & 5 Days Original Run and Repeat Run Durations
EVENT PROGRESSION Wave System ( Limited ) Advance by completing progressively harder defensive waves.
eXP SYSTEM None All prizes are awared as Wave Checkpoint Prizes.
NUMBER OF WAVES 25 Players Must Complete All Waves To Succeed
BONUS WAVES Yes ( 5 Waves ) Complete Extra Waves to receive Special Version of Prize
PLAYER ASSISTANCE No Players may NOT receive assistance from Friendly Commanders.

New Event Prizes

Gatling Truck Beat Wave 25 None Vehicle
Special Paint Job Beat Wave 30 None N / A

Detailed Play Information

  • Defense Waves
    • Successful Defense - The Player's Base is considered successfully defended when all attacking Rogue Units have been eliminated while preventing the Player's Command Center from being destroyed.
    • Repeatable Waves - The Player must repeat any stage in which the Command Center is destroyed in order to move on to the next Wave.
    • Surrender - The Player may surrender a Defense Wave at any time during the Rogue Attack. After which the Player may then Repair and Adjust the Base Defenses and restart that Wave from the beginning.
    • 360 Deg. Defense - The Rogue Faction may attack the Player's Base from any direction. This is also true for each repeated Wave.
  • Ending of a Special Event. A Special Event ends in 1 of 3 ways:
    1. The Official Event Clock expires.
    2. The Player reaches a Wave where they can not successfully Defend the Command Center, thus forcing the Player to resign from the event.
    3. The Player successfully completes all designated waves Unlocking the Event Prizes.

Restricted Participation

The 2nd run of Rogue Assault ( Special Event #4 ) restricted participation in the event by only being Open to :

Additional Information

Event Firsts & Records

  • War Commaner Firsts :
  • Special Event Firsts :
  • Special Event Records :
    • The only Special Event not to introduce a New Prize - Rogue Assault ( Special Event #4 )
    • The only Special Event to have Restricted Participation - Rogue Assault ( Special Event #4 )
    • The Shortest Special Event Duration - 3 Days - Rogue Assault ( Special Event #1 )
    • The only Special Event to be Rerun unaltered - Rogue Assault ( Special Event #1 & #4 )

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Commander, I've learned the Mortal Force Rogue Faction is amassing an army to unleash against your base. Their intentions aren't clear, but the chatter I'm hearing seems to reveal they've managed to acquire some advanced weapons technology. I anticipate the invasion will commence on January 19th.
  — R.U.B.I. - Rouge Assault ( Special Event 1 ) 

ATTENTION COMMANDERS, this event is only available to those who do not already have the Gatling Truck, but don't worry, next month's event will be open to everyone and have an amazing new prize!
  — R.U.B.I. - Rouge Assault 2 ( Special Event 4 ) 

Commander, the Mortal Force has arrived with an army split into waves of increasing power. Radio Chatter indicates they plan to end their offensive in a few days and are leading with their new vehicle. If you're able to destroy enough of them, I should be able to analyze the wreckage, so you can build one for yourself. Are you ready to stand against them?
  — Starting Announcement 

Gallery - Event Messages ( Event 1 & 4 )

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Gallery - Wave Messages ( Event 1 & 4 )

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Gallery - Event Misc ( Event 1 & 4 )

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Gallery - Prize ( Event 1 & 4 )

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War Commander Gatling Truck-0

War Commander Gatling Truck-0

Gatling Truck Info  •  Released : Jan 20, 2012
Official Kixeye Video

RA 21 - 25

RA 21 - 25.wmv

Rouge Assault #1 (21-25)  •  Released : Jan 21, 2012
User Video

War Commander Rogue Assault Waves 1-30

War Commander Rogue Assault Waves 1-30

Rouge Assault #4 (1-30)  •  User Video


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