Each level of the Rogue Factions bases have multiple layouts containing different defense complements and set-ups with varying amounts of resources that can be looted. 

These layouts have no relationship to which Rogue Faction it belongs to and each share the same layouts for each level.

Standard Bases range from Level 1 to 30 plus a recently introduced Level 35.  Each level has two or more layouts each with a varying amount of resources, Metal & Oil, available.  There is also a Level 40 Sickle Syndicate base which are used for the permanently available Advanced Missions.


The amounts of Metal & Oil listed at the top of each Rogue base during scouting does not reflect the actual amount of resources that can be looted.  In most cases the amount shown is much higher, although there are a few where the opposite is true.


The Layouts are currently being changed by Kixeye. As they come out and are able to be logged, the below pictures and Resource info will be added.  All new ones will display a Verification Date on the attacker name plate.


When available, the pictures below will include a insert of the actual amount of resources that may be looted from that layout.

All Looted totals include both the Metal & Oil Storages, Producers, and resources gained from the destruction of the Command Center.


  • If the Command Center is not destroyed, the resource storage's and the defenses will be refilled and repaired 12 hours after the last attack, allowing you to re-farm it again without it having disappeared from the map.  This is a good way to keep a Level and Layout you like near your base.
  • The Level of Rogues, which spawn on the map, is determined by the levels of the Player bases in a general area.  So, when hunting for a specific Rogue, look for a concentration of Player bases that are a level (+/- 5) of  what you are looking for.
  • Depending on the players level some levels of Rogue Bases may be subject to Level Protection.
  • Rogue Re-Spawners - These are Rogue bases that once destroyed and removed from the Sector Map reappear in the exact same Hexagon in about 60 sec.  These new ones might be a different Layout but they are almost always the same Level as the previous one.  So far no limit to the number of a Rogue Re-Spawn has been observed.
  • Rogue Faction bases Level 30 or higher will now give a higher resource bonus payout (the bonus you receive when you do not receive a Special Op).
  • Level 30 and 35 bases have been redesigned and have an increased resource payout.
  • Fixed an issue with a Highway Zealot base not giving out resource bonuses.

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