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War Commander Factions

World Map Factions
Hellhounds Armored Corps Mortal Force M.A.Y.H.E.M. Unknown Son of Saints
HellHoundsv1HellHoundsv2 Armored Corps Mortal Force Mayhem2Mayhem Mortal Force Mortal Force Mortal Force Mortal Force

War Commander Parts

World Map Components
Shadow Ops Icon ShadowOps-worldmap icon Operation:Iron reign Island base IronReign-IslandBase-Icon
Verkraft (50) Base Verkraft(50) Operation:Iron reign jammer base IronReign-JammerBase-Icon
Hell Hounds (45) Base Hell Hounds(45) Operation:Iron reign rush base IronReign-RushBase-Icon
Peak1 Peak2
Peak1 Peak2
mountains1 mountains2 mountains3
Mountains1 Mountains2 Mountains3
hills1 hills2 hills3
Hills1 Hills2 Hills3
forest1 forest2 forest3 forest4
Forest1 Forest2 Forest3 Forest4

Parts Inventory
Building1 Building2 Building3 Building4
Bldg1 Bldg2 Bldg3 Bldg4
Tower1 Tower3
Tower1 Tower2 Tower3
Tree1 Tree2 Tree5 Tree7
Tree1.v2.png Tree2.v2.png Tree5.v2.png Tree7.v2.png

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