Q. When is the Elite Spectre Weekend?

A. Friday, May 30th to Monday, June 2nd.

Q. What do I need to attack to earn the Elite Spectre?

A. Hell Hound 45 bases.

Q. Do I have to own the Spectre to get the Elite Spectre?

A. No, if you win the Elite Spectre, you will win both.

Q. Can I attack a Sickle Syndicate (SS) 25 and win the Elite Spectre? 

A. No, only attacking Hell House (HH) 45's can earn the Elite Spectre.

Q. What are my chances of winning the Elite Spectre if I attack a Hell Hound 45?

A. You will have a 5x better chance of winning the Elite Spectre.

Q. I can't attack a Hell Hound 45, what can I do?

A. Attacking a Sickle Syndicate 25 will give you a chance at Hover Tanks, Flame Assault Vehicle and Halcyon

Q. What other prizes might I win attacking a Hell Hound 45?

A. Viper X, Widowmaker X and Crusader X.

Q. Will winning the Elite Spectre overwrite the Spectre I have and will have to two Spectre's to upgrade?

A. The Elite Spectre will take the place of the Spectre and you will only have one unit to upgrade.

Q. My mate started the Hell Hound 45 and I finished it off, will I get credit for the attack?

A. Yes, The player who kills the base will get credit for the kill.

Q. Will the Elite Spectre be in the Hell House 45 after the Elite Spectre Weekend?

A. No, this is ONLY for this weekend.

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