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Designed and first introduced by the Hell Hounds Rogue Faction, Spires were bases set up to act as communication satellite's across the World Map. These Spires were heavily guarded by both extensive Air and Ground Defenses.


  • Spire's made their first appearance in Operation: Devil's Grip .
  • There were only 2 levels for a Spire Deposit. Level 25 was a Small Spire, and level 45 was large Spire.
  • Any Spire would produce a 5% Xp Bonus for as long as you hold it but lasts only a limited time.
  • A Spire would expire and stop providing bonus Xp after approximately 3 Hours.
  • Up to a maximum of 5 Spires could be controlled by any player throughout the event stacking up to a 25% Xp Bonus.
  • Spires made their second appearance in Operation: Red Storm (2014)  .
  • Capture these “Spires” to gain an XP boost for your assaults.
  • Capture Spires on the World Map to boost your XP gain in waves - the more Spires you hold while defeating a wave, the higher the XP payout for the wave!

Additional Facts

  • Spire bonuses were raised.
  • Spires have returned in Operation: Red Storm (2014) , and this time they’ve improved!
  • Spires now also give a set XP amount when captured!
  • "Find Spires" will now take you only to Spires you can attack.
  • You will receive a flat XP reward of 750XP for capturing a Spire.
  • You will still receive a 5% XP boost for capturing a Spire.
  • Once captured, Spires will be permanently bubbled until expiration.
  • Spire difficulty has decreased since the last event.
  • Spires will now immediately reward 1,000 XP once captured, and provide a 10% XP bonus throughout their duration.



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  • Will we ever see the spires or something other like them in events again?

Galllery - Animated


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War Commander Operation Devil's Grip02:58

War Commander Operation Devil's Grip

Operation: Devil's Grip  •  Released : Dec 19, 2013
Official Kixeye Video

War Commander Operation Red Storm01:57

War Commander Operation Red Storm

Operation: Red Storm (2014) •  Released : Jan 23, 2014
Official Kixeye Video

Operation Devil's Grip - How to capture a Spire13:59

Operation Devil's Grip - How to capture a Spire

Devil's Grip - How To Capture Spire  •  Released : Dec 20, 2013
Player Video

War Commander, Operation Redstorm-Titan and Spire04:00

War Commander, Operation Redstorm-Titan and Spire

Red Storm (2014) - Titan & Spire •  Released : Jan 22, 2014
Player Video


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