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Thorium is an extremely rare resource that is needed to upgrade your Defense Platform to level 4 and above, your walls to level 5 and above, to get troops to level 10 and above, and for the gambling man to reroll your rewards from Rogue Faction Bases for better rewards.

Unlike the other 2 resources Oil and Metal, it cannot be harvested from pumps or factories, you need to go out into the world map and find a Thorium Depo of your choice. Small, Medium, Large, and Giant, they only come around every 16-24 hours and last for 1-2 days depending on the depo. And unlike other deposits, there isn't an infinite amount of resources, it will tell you how much Thorium remains in a purple bar and when it is all drained, the thorium deposit will disappear from the map.

Usually the defenses inside of a Thorium Depo are extremely hard to get by since they use a combination of the toughest turrets, troops, and bunkers. Thorium Resource is mostly used by higher levels.

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  • Wikipedia - Thorium - Thorium In Real Life


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  — Attribution 

Introducing Thorium: a new ultra-rare resource to help you dominate the World Map. Thorium is harvested from special deposits and is required to research and upgrade advanced units and structures. Thorium Deposits are limited and don't respond immediately, so capture them quickly and hold them until all the Thorium is drained.
  — Introduction 

Commanders, Big changes are coming to Thorium Deposits. This will ensure players of appropriate levels attack Thorium Deposits within their ability. We have also made Small and Medium Thorium Deposits less difficult. For a long time players have been hitting deposits inappropriate for their level. By locking deposits to particular players, we can make sure there are enough of the right deposit type for players to hit and at the appropriate level of challenge.
  — CM Glokta (KIXEYE Community Manager) [src]

Thorium is a powerful rare resource required for the most advanced technologies. Acquire Thorium to optimize your arsenal and leave your enemies in ruin.
  — In-Game Gear Store Description 
==Additional Information==
  • Looting Thorium does NOT award the Player Experience Points ( XP ).
  •  Thorium in real life changes role from first Uranium to Thorium Uranium to Thorium over and over again until finally it turns into...lead this takes around 100 million to 1 billion years.
  •  Thorium is a radioactive decaying material, which means it releases energy particales that can be used in powerplants in real life. But it could take a roll as a better version of energy to use in powerplants which could replace overdrive.
  • For information on how it is stored check out Thorium Vault.
  •  (ceased) Henriech von Kruger, leader of the Verkraft Rogue Faction is the sole owner of ALL Thorium deposits until they are either drained of all their Thorium or dominated a player.
  • Players are now able to loot up to 50% of another player’s Thorium.
  • 1K of Thorium = 1 Gold.
  • For more information about upcoming Thorium Drops click here .
  • Thorium now can be earned by completing the tier in Shadow Ops weekly event since introduced on GU: Wednesday 1/28/15 .


Gallery - Animated


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Video Gallery

War Commander Thorium-102:01

War Commander Thorium-1


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