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Building Description A Facility used for the Storage of all Thorium that is Mined Or Looted by the Player. ThoriumVault-MainPic
Effects of Upgrade Upgrade the Thorium Vault to increase overall Thorium Storage Capacity.
Building Group Resource Buildings
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Upgrade Progression

Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Command
Power Usage Increased Capacity Cumulative Capacity
Metal Oil
1 1,000,000 1,000,000 1h 3 5 150,000  150,000
2 2,000,000 2,000,000 2h 5 10 200,000 350,000
3 3,000,000 3,000,000 4h 5 15 200,000 550,000
4 5,000,000 5,000,000 8h 5 20 200,000 750,000
5 8,000,000 8,000,000 16h 5 25 200,000 950,000
6 12,000,000 12,000,000 1d 5 30 200,000 1,200,000
7 16,000,000 16,000,000 1d 04h 48m 5 35 200,000 1,400,000
8 20,000,000 20,000,000 1d 10h 33m 5 40 200,000 1,550,000
9 23,000,000 23,000,000 1d 17h 33m 6 45 200,000 1,750,000
10 27,000,000 27,000,000 2d 6 50 250,000 2,000,000
Total 117,000,000 117,000,000 8d 15h 54m Cumulative Total Does Not Include Command Center Amount

Command Center Thorium Capacity

Additional Thorium Capacity Via The Command Center
Command Center Level 5 & Below 6+
Thorium Capacity Amount 50,000 100,000

Construction Limits

Thorium Vault Construction Limits Per Command Center Level
Command Center Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
No. of Thorium Vaults 0 0 1 1 1 2

Upgrade Experience (XP)

Experience Points Awarded per Upgrade Level
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
403,069 * 601,260 1,002,520 1,605,040 2,610,080 4,021,350 5,623,328 7,227,993 8,633,592 10,039,675

( * ) Level 1 XP for 2nd Vault is 601,260.    /    For More information on this see Experience Points.

States of Repair

Normal Damaged Destroyed
Thorium-vault ThoriumVault-Damaged ThoriumVault-Destroyed
100% Health 49% Health 0% Health
Fully Destroyed Repair Time : 1h 00m

Looting Thorium

% of the Total Stored Thorium Looted From Each Stucture

With 1 Thorium Vault
Thorium Vault #1 25%
Command Center 25%
With 2 Thorium Vaults
Thorium Vault #1 12.5%
Thorium Vault #2 12.5%
Command Center 25%

Related Special Ops

Name Icon Class Level Description Time of
Thorium to
Extend Op
Pickpocket PickPocket-Lg Tactical Common Increased Loot acquired by 40% 1d 50,000
Kleptomaniac Kleptomaniac-Lg Tactical Uncommon Increased Loot acquired by 60% 1d 100,000
Master Thief MasterThief-Lg Tactical Rare Increased Loot acquired by 100% 1d 500,000
More Information and a the Full List of Ops available here: Special Ops

Related Missions

Mission Icon Mission Description Awards for Completion
Metal Oil Medals
Get the Vault MissionIcon-ThoiumVault Build a Thorium Vault. 100,000 100,000 MedalIcon 0
Some Missions May Not Be Available Until The Completion Of Others.

Additional Facts

  • The Thorium Vault was Introduced in the Game Update: Feb 13, 2013.
  • A 2nd Thorium Vault became available in the Game Update: Oct 9, 2013.
  • To build a 2nd Thorium Vault requires a Level 6 Command Center.
  • The Thorium Vault holds Thorium mined from Thorium Deposits or Looted from the bases of Enemy Players Rogue Factions.
  • A Players Base can store up to 100,000 Thorium without the construction of a Thorium Vault.  This storage capacity is provided by the Command Centerand and is determined by its level.
  • With 2 Level 10 Thorium Vaults the Base's overall Maximum Thorium Capacity is 4,050,000.
  • With the release of Game Update: Sept 12, 2013 an Enemy Attacker may now Loot up to 50% of a Player's Thorium by destroying all constructed Thorium Vaults and the Command Center.
  • Currently only 3 specific Rogue Bases contain lootable Thorium.   However, the Thorium is NOT stored in Thorium Vaults and may only be obtained either by completely destroying the Base.
    ( Shown amounts may be increased with the use of Special Ops, see table above ) :
  • Any Thorium that is mined or looted that exceeds the Players overall Maximum Thorium Capacity will be lost.
  • The Thorium Vaults and/or Command Center must be completely destroyed for that building to be looted by an attacker.
  • The total current amount of Thorium being stored can be found on the Information Bar located in the upper left corner of the game screen. To see the overall Maximum Capacity place the Cursor on this area.
  • As with all Resource Storage Buildings the amount of Thorium that each Vault holds is the same regardless of the level of the Vault. Level only determines the total capacity which in turn is divided equally between the number of Vaults. 
  • The Thorium Vault has a higher Health than the other Resource Storage Buildings. ( Although the actual Health number is not divulged by Kixeye. )
  • The Thorium Vault has a 4x4 Footprint

In-Game Quotes

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Thorium Vault keep thorium on reserve until it's needed. Upgrading Thorium Vault increases the amount of crystals it can store
  — In-Game Description 

THORIUM STOCKPILE - Excellent work Commander, your Thorium Vault is now level 5. It is big enough to hold more Thorium but we still need to fill it to take advantage of the extra space!.
  — Level 5 Message 

THORIUM SUPREMACY - Amazing Commander, with a Thorium Vault this large we can be able to research even the most advanced technologies available!
  — Level 10 Message 

MISSION - Commander, we need a Thorium Vault so that we can store enough to research advanced upgrades!
  — Mission: Get the Vault 

MISSION - Excellent, now we have a place to store all of the Thorium that I know you will have no trouble acquiring, Commander.
  — Mission: Get the Vault - Complete 

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