• If you do an edit to the wiki but the information is not perfect or there isĀ  a problem in it does the wiki manage it and does the editor get in trouble?

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    • The info must be accurate or it will be removed.

      If the edit is just badly worded or is in the wrong section myself or someone will reword it or move it.

      One of the only ways to get in trouble is to obviously vandalize a page by changing existing info to wrong info, using profanity, ranting on the page instead of the comments or by drastically changing the existing format of the pages.

      I try and check every edit and if I don't understand what your trying to do with an edit I will usually ask you by posting on your wall.

      If you have an idea of a change for of a page format copy the page to a /Sandbox page and make the change then post a link on my wall. I will check it out and if it works I will add it to the page.

      If you have any questions about anything specific just as me.

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