• I have made  about three pages cloacked,hero buff,area of influence. So i'm pretty much confident. I wanna make a page regarding how  stats of a unit aids it. So should i make it and if yes, what name?

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    • please defer to BehindTheEight Im just now returning to the war commander game and the wikia in general I managed some of the behind the scenes data . He will be better suited to give you a more authoritative answer than I can.

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    • I'm not sure what you mean showing how stats of a unit aides it?

      But keep in mind that the wiki is for facts.  Opinions of how units should be use or their perceived strengths or weaknesses should be done on a BLOG page not an article page.

      But since I don't really understand what you want to do why don't you make it on this page


      Then I can see what your trying to do and we can decided if we should use it and if so what to call it.

      If you have any questions or when you want me to take a look at what you made post me a note on my wall.

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