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Tired Instruction Card


Operation Dragon's Oath is the first Special Event to introduce the Tired Bracket System.

Tired Bracket
Tired Bracket2

Stat Progression

Tier Recommended Level Completion Bonus No of Replays
5 35 + 50,625


4 35 + 9,216


3 ~ 35 2,341 99
2 ~ 30 324 99
1 ~ 25 99 99
Tier 1 Type Level Reward
Attack 5 157
Defend 39

Mission Complete

When all of the objectives have been completed per tier you will get the tier complete notice.

Tier Complete

Additional Facts

  • Currently, the number of objective of each tier is reduced to 1/1 from 3/3.
  • You will not gain the XP if you attack the event base thats excluded the objective.

Animated Gallery


War Commander Bracket System

War Commander Bracket System

Tiered Bracket System  •  Released : Nov 13, 2014  •  Official Kixeye Video