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All Unit Customization Items are Upgraded and Applied in the Workshop.

General Info

With the introduction of the Workshop came Unit Customization.  These customizations give improvements to specific unit attributes, such as Rate of Fire, Acceleration, Better Protection versus Turrets and so forth.  There are several choices for the Commander to make in each category of each available Unit.

  • Schematic -   This is the term used to describe a Unit Type being available for Customization, therefore having a schematic of a Unit allows it to show up and be customized in the Workshop.
  • There are currently 12 Schematics available commonly.  With the construction of the Workshop the player receives the schematics for the Heavy Gunner, Mortar Team, Suicide BomberSniper,  Rhino, HumveeRazorback, Paladin  and Suicide Truck .  The Air Units became available to all players ,They are the Wing Drones, Cobra and the Raptor.
  • Additional Schematics from Special Events.  Schematics of Special Event Units will on occasion be introduced as a prize of a Special Event and may be obtained from the Event Shop. So far only four Schematics are availible this way : the Gatling Truck the Laser Tank the Hellfire, and the FAV schematic.
  • The Units must be Unlocked to receive Schematic. The Player will only see schematics for Units in the Workshop that they have researched and unlocked.
  • Each Schematic has several Component Categories.  For instance the Heavy Gunner Schematic has 4 Categories: Machine Gun, Machine Gun Rounds, Infantry Armor and Infantry Training.  Some Categories may be used by more than one Schematic, such as the Infantry Training Category may be used by all available schematics that are designated as Infantry ( Heavy Gunner, Mortar Team & Suicide Bomber Schematics ).
  • Each Category has several Components options to choose from. For instance the Machine Gun category for the HF has three Component options: Increased Fire Rate, Increased Range or Wider Cone of Damage.  Each category may only have one Component per Design ( see next ).
  • Each Schematic may be assigned up to 9 Designs.  Designs are saved combinations of player selected Components.  Once saved the Design may be added to individual Units of that Unit Type. 
  • Design Component Capacity.  Each Design has a limited amount of space available for Components, is known as the Design Capacity. Each Component carries a Capacity Value which reduces the overall available Design Capcity as each are added to the Design. This Design Capacity is determined by using  the following formula:

Schematic Units Level x 100 = Design Capacity  EXCEPT BEHEMOTH

Examples:  Level 4 Paladin = 400 Design Capcity  /  Level 8 Razorback = 800

This means that the Max capacity of a unit is 1300

Behemoth Schematic Units Level x 200 = Design Capacity

Examples:  Level 7 Behemoth = 1400 Design Capcity  /  Level 10 = 2000

This means that the Max capacity of Behemoth is 2600

Additional Facts

  • Customized Units and non Customized have the same repair time.
  • The Icons/Symbols of Customized Units are seen by attackers.
  • When on the Public Test Server prior to the official release there were two additional Unit Types available for Customization: Mortar Team & Razorback. These Two were eventually released on July 26, 2013.
  • There is currently a bug with the lost tech: you may found lost tech from a specific base in other bases (eg: Found a Highway Zealots tech in a Red Lokust base).



Lost Tech Items

Misc Images


War Commander Customizable Units Tips

War Commander Customizable Units Tips



        ( T )      ( C ) .........................................................INFANTRY SCHEMATICS ( EDIT )        
  Elite Legion    Heavy Gunner    Hercules    Mortar Team    Sarkis    Sniper    Stinger    Suicide Bomber    Valkyrie    Viper X    Wraith
      Commando    Grenadier    Heavy Operator    Infiltrator    Infiltrator Leader    Lead Commando    Lead Grenadier    Lead Heavy Operator    Lead Operator    Lead Preserver    Operator    Preserver
Brother Jeremiah    Kara    Sheila
Survivors-Mini-ICON  SURVIVORS  Survivors-Mini-ICON Corpus-Mini-ICON  CORPUS  Corpus-Mini-ICON Sentinels-Mini-ICON  SENTINELS  Sentinels-Mini-ICON
GEN I Detonator    Liberator Spartan ZK Acolyte
Weaver None None
GEN II Breacher    War Dog Drakon Chaplain
Max None Burnside
GEN III Sharpshooter None None
        ( C ) .........................................................VEHICLE SCHEMATICS ( EDIT )        
  Behemoth    BFG X    Challenger    Hydra    FAV    Gatling Truck    Growler    Guardian    Hellfire   Hover Tank    Humvee    Inferno    Javelin    Laser Tank    Mega Tank    Paladin    Razorback    Rhino    Ronin    Scorcher    Scorpion    Suicide Truck    Vanquisher
Hellhound    Howler    Jackal    Nightmare    Punisher    Tempest    Ultra Tank    Warhorse
Baldur    Dante    Doran    Jericho
Survivors-Mini-ICON  SURVIVORS  Survivors-Mini-ICON Corpus-Mini-ICON  CORPUS  Corpus-Mini-ICON Sentinels-Mini-ICON  SENTINELS  Sentinels-Mini-ICON
GEN I Detonator    Hammer Hades    Phalanx Purifier    Seeker    Vindicator
Roland None Ardra    Sunder
GEN II Technical Cyclops Caretaker
None Polly None
GEN III None None None
UNIQUE War Rig Darkstorm Juggernaut
        ( C ) .........................................................AIRCRAFT SCHEMATICS ( EDIT )        
  Archangel    Banshee    Cobra    Hellstorm    Hornet    Night Owl    Oni Mk. II    Phantom    Raptor    Reapernbsp;Drone    Sandstorm    Spectre    Thunderbolt    Titan    Warhawk    Wing Drone    Yellowjacket
Cyclone    Hailstorm    Nimbus
Deena    Pandora
Survivors-Mini-ICON  SURVIVORS  Survivors-Mini-ICON Corpus-Mini-ICON  CORPUS  Corpus-Mini-ICON Sentinels-Mini-ICON  SENTINELS  Sentinels-Mini-ICON
GEN I Bonesaw Apollo    Fury Valiant
None Nyx    Oren None
GEN II None None None
GEN III None Sphinx Envoy
UNIQUE Siege Squadron Blackout Herald
Epic Tech    Limited Tech    Diamond Epic Tech    Lost Tech    Unit Customization    Workshop