This is my first page so please no hate been using this for a year just made in account today :P

So i been around for over a year and notice that going thru comments it seems stuff are changed and it's harder to keep up with random changes made by KixEye but, one thing i did notice was that the newer players are able to do unlock units at a fraction of the time. My brother just started playing for about 2 months and i noticed he unlocked every unit in 5 minutes or less except mega,raptors, and hercules (they take 10 minutes). They still pay around 80% or so but they can upgrade a unit 5 times before the time changes to 10 minutes granted there not the high tech units like hellfires. Than i go to my account and compare my upgrade for my units and there pretty different such as it took more than 10 minutes to unlock my megas lol. I looked thru the forums and only found useless pages and i want to know why did they do that i want to upgrade my megas in half an hour or less in fact there barely level 3 cause there upgrade time is outrageous which is why i unlock vanquishers last event so they can be maxed in less than a week. Can any one expand upon this thought with more evidence like mines.

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