Base Issues

Number Details Fixed? (Yes/No)
1 Missing resources - Resources looted from enemy bases/rogue bases do not always fully credit to the attacker. No
2 Ghost Bases No
3 Resources don't always return to a player when cancelling a function requiring them Yes
4 Upgrades asking for resources that are not needed No
5 Scrap Metal doesn't pay out when collected Yes
6 Buildings disappearing No
7 Thorium based defences can't always be reloaded with ammunition No
8 The Hunter Missile Heavy Turret won't always work correctly in player bases No
9 Players can "repair" scrap metal No
10 Thorium Based defences ammunition count will display incorrectly (I.e., it may show as empty when it isn't) No
11 Event trophies may behave like ordinary buildings that cannot be passed through  No
12 Attempting to begin an upgrade may result in the resources being charged but the upgrade not beginning No
13 Cryo Turret Completely disables Infantry & Vehicles Yes
14 Upgrades resetting once completed or returning the upgraded item to the previous level No
15 When a player is attacked and 100% destroyed by another player, they don't always recieve a bubble around their base No
16 Players can open a damaged bunker from the "Promote" tab in the barracks Yes
17 If the player zooms out whilst viewing their base with the "Editor", buildings can't be moved unless a wall is placed Yes
18 Drone Silos will perform their "Opening" animation, but won't actually deploy drones No
19 Replicatable components take over 1 day to replicate but the times are listed as 24 hours when started Yes
20 Placing Land Mines triggers the 2030 Save Error No
21 Visual Error: When setting a Heavy Platform to be built with resources, it will be displayed as built instantly, but will begin building properly once the player exits and returns to their base No
22 Storing/Placing War Trophies triggers the 2031 Error No
23 Visual Error: When upgrading turrets to level 9, the turret colour won't update to match the UI Yes
24 The attack won't open when clicked on No
25 Turrets vanishing leaving only the Defensive Platforms behind No
26 When opening the Buildings Tab, a pop-up appears claiming that we can place an unbuilt defence platform (usually a floating or reinforced) or extra walls despite having already built the maximum number of these buildings No
27 Upgrades will not progress a building/unit to the next level No
28 The Drone Silo building makes no sound when opening up to deploy any drones based inside No
29 Players can open a damaged bunker from in the promotion tab of some buildings Yes
30 Players recieve the  "Transaction in process" message when trying to purchase items from the Gear Store No
31 Debug Text appears in the Boost Pop-up UI Yes
32 Storing & placing War Torphies triggers a 2031 Save Error message Yes
33 2030 Error Message: Build qeueu's in production buildings will not save Yes
34 Placing Land Mines triggers a 2030 Error Message No
35 The Orbital Hammer Bastion doesn't display a range indicator when moused over Yes
36 The original Onslaught Trophy vanished from some players inventory when the Winter Onslaught Trophy was patched No
37 Time remaining for Bastions isn't displayed correctly Yes
38 Land Mines revert to level 1 when placed inside a players base No
39 When a stealth unit is in close proximity to a building  or unit that can potentially detect it, the building will not display an indicator around its base Yes
40 Save Error when attempting to place a Bastion No
41 An incorrect amount of gold coins are deducted from the user when they upgrade a weapons lab Yes
42 Units placed into a Lead VXP Formation within bunkers are rejected from the formation Yes
43 Users cannot buy max buildable XP units from the Gear/Event Store if they did not own the unit before the Unit Upgrading UI Update  Yes
44 Saves may get lost if requested rapidly Yes
45 Users reciecing the 2030 Error Message when purchasing the Rocket Silo from the Gear Store Yes
46 Users recieving the 2191 Error when placing a Bastion Yes
47 Aircraft repair times are not updated if the units are taken back into battle Yes
48 Users cannot add additional Aircraft to their platoons without triggering the 2221 Error Message Yes
49 Players are using dead platoons to gaurd their bases and make them inattackable Yes
50 Walls may occasionally revert back several levels/back to level 1, when being placed with the Base Editor tool No

Map/Sector Issues

Number Details Fixed? (Yes/No)
1 Platoons glitching on the map, disappearing and reappearing at random No
2 Sector Information may "get stuck" during relocation, causing the wrong information to be displayed, such as sector numbers and leader board displays No
3 Home Sector is not loaded after a player completes the introduction tutorial Yes
4 Resource depositories don't repair No
6 Depositors showing false damage before a battle but then change to full health No
7 Rogue Faction base spawns are broken, causing bases to spawn in clusters rather evenly across the map No
8 Maintenance can cause platoons left on the map to take random damage upon the players return to the game No
9 Verkfract 65 Bases claim to pay out a higher amout of Thorium than they actually do Yes
10 Friends don't appear under the specified tab in the bookmarks menu No
11 Recent enemies don't appear under the specified tab in the bookmarks menu No
12 Relocating to near friends can either leave a player in the same sector as before or with a blank map No
13 The Attack Log will not open Yes
14 Ghost bases may duplicate 100% unique units such as the Archangel No
15 Refilling the Advanced Scout ability costs more than 10 Gold Yes
16 Empty Map No
17 Depositores don't always appear on a players list of "Owned depos" No
18 Ghost Bases No
19 Player bases reloacting at random without the player initiating the relocation themself No
20 Platoon Deployment errors when upgrading storage buildings No
21 Users recieving a 2033 Error Message when trying to view an owned resource depository Yes
22 "No units in range" error message appearing even when a platoon is positioned right next to an enemy base Yes
23 Setting a workshopped platoon to defend a deposit can incorrectly cause a visual error resulting in drones in the base to also appear to have workshop mods attached to them Yes
24 Platoons not travelling extended distances on the map Yes
25 Barricaded players cannot deploy platoons Yes
26 Dead platoons will not retreat from the map and return to player bases Yes
27 Players getting trapped in infinite loops of "Finding Sectors" Yes
28 Some relocations cause players to get stuck in an empty sector Yes
29 Units get stuck in base defending platoons and cannot be repaired or removed Yes

Unit Issues

Number Details Fixed? (Yes/No)
1 Units won't repair No
2 Units disappearing No
3 Promoting a VXP Unit may instead reset it to Rank 1 No
4 Newly built/promoted units don't always have full health when placed into a platoon No
5 Reaper Drones equipped with the Blitz Shells components may instead fire Flame Rounds No
6 "Invalid Platoon" message when attempting to deploy VXP Units (commonly occurs when the unit is promoted) No
7 Platoon repairs intended for one platoon are instead split across multiple platoons No
8 Ghost units left inside platoons despite not apearing in the UI No
9 Special Forces Infantry units cannot be loaded inside level 9 bunkers No
10 Units being promoted within production buildings can be dismissed/scrapped at the same time No
11 Unique units don't repair properly when placed in a base defending platoon No
12 Units won't move to the "Rally Point" when placed in a base defending platoon No
13 Infantry SF can't be managed when placed inside of a bunker (Players get "Platoon is being repaired" message) No
14 Units will move on their own without prompting between attacks/attack waves on player bases No
15 Despite meeting any/all prerequisite's, units cannot stationed inside bunkers/drone silo's No
16 Infantry Special Forces (without leaders) can be loaded into any bunker level Yes
17 Commando Portrait doesn't display correctly in the Gear Store Yes
18 Infiltrator Gear Store Portrait extends outside the frame Yes
19 Promoted Special Forces units require repairs when added to a platoon No
20 Unit Tactics won't reload Yes
21 Some platoons containing Special Forces units will appear as damaged yet cannot be repaired Yes
22 If Doran is undergoing a promotion, players can build a second, unpromoted Doran Yes
23 Doran cannot use the Nigthmare's "Zone Dentonators" custom component Yes
24 Equipping the Growler's "Trailblazer" War Paint removes its ability to instantly destroy walls by running over them Yes
25 Visual Error: After maintenances, units that, despite having been unlocked, may read as 1/0 in production buildings No
26 Valkyrie's don't appear to shoot Stinger Missiles when equipped with them in the workshop Yes
27 Vanquisher Shields fail to block damage from sources that should not be capable of bypassing them No
28 Unit Tactics can't be removed from the unit once equipped Yes
29 The Lead Marksmen will always appear at the front of a Special Forces Infantry Squad regardless of his previous placement in the UI Yes
30 Wingmen Drones such as those belonging to the Titan would immediatly die upon the mother unit being put into a defensive stance Yes
31 Units Battle Stances may change at random without input from the player (I.e., changing from Aggressive to Defensive) No
32 Units may not always obey the "Fire at Will" command even when suitable targets are present on the field No
33 Kara's Daedalus Rifle removes her ability to attack fast moving targets when upgraded to level 2 or beyond Yes
34 The Sandstorm's/Elite Sandstorms Drones do not attack targets but rather just fly around until destroyed or they return to the mothership and self-destruct Yes
35 The Sandstorms Corpus Commander component doesn't apply its buff to the Raven Drones Yes
36 Up to 7 Special Forces Infantry units may be added into a Special Forces fireteam Yes
37 Sheila's Hero Buff Icon does not display in battle even when units that benefit are in range Yes
38 Warhorses equipped with the "Storm the Front" component lose thier ability to move & shoot Yes
39 Jericho does not respect hero limits and can be placed in a platoon/deployed on the field with other heroes Yes
40 Elite Hellstorms description in events is wrong as it is no longer an "Event Exclusive" No
41 Special Forces Infantry that are not meant to shoot Rockets shoot Rockets Yes
42 Phantom Meteor War Paint incorrectly reffered to as the "Immolation" War Paint Yes
43 Some Components Effects aren't applied to any units the components may be equipped too No
44 Units being promoted inside a production building such as the Barracks can be dismissed at the time time No
45 Typo in the Sandstorm's Self-Destructing Warheads level 6 description Yes
46 The Charged Ordnance component doesn't last as long as it should No
47 Mousing over advanced units with the Advanced Scout option displays debug text Yes
48 Storm the Front tooltip description is too long Yes
49 2181 Build Error when creating new units Yes
50 The Elite Sandstorms pop-up has incorrect data for its stat improvements Yes
51 Special Forces units refuse to attack designated targets when R.U.B.I. is active Yes
52 Units dealing inconsistent levels of damage against targets No
53 When multiple units are selected, selecting a single unit from the box in the bottom right of the screen will not provide control over that specific unit No
54 Infiltrators uncloak before moving in to attack a specific target No
55 The Aggressive Command just causes units to walk towards enemy targets without actually attacking Yes
56 Infantry Special Forces Fireteams don't stay in formation Yes
57 Only the two front members of a Special Forces Infantry Fireteam will actually fire upon an enemy target Yes
58 Leaving a battle will cause units health levels to be displayed inaccurately (I.e., the health may be lower or higher than it actually is) No
59 Expert Punishers appear as standard Punishers Yes
60 Elite units have been lost/upgrade progress reset during the migration from the old system to the new system No
61 Collector's Pack: Certain unit build combincations in the War Factiry causes RBE Yes
62 Valkyries cannot attack Yes
63 Workshop designs from units become de-equipped from the unit Yes
64 Damage applied to units in combat causes stored units to take permanent damage Yes
65 Kara's Damage Type is incorrectly listed/displayed as Burst when it should display as Sustain  Yes
66 Jericho's Ark Loader Component fails to increase his clip size Yes
67 Some users are unable to add units to their air platoons, and instead only recieve a 2221 Error Message Yes

Attacking Issues

Number Details Fixed? (Yes/No)
1 Deena's Shredder Tactic no longer allows her to attack airborne targets Yes
2 Missiles will continue to build endlessly within player bases and thus can't be used in attacks No
3 Hell Hound 45 Boss Bases fail to pay out Bonus Medals despite the special timer not yet elapsing during the time the Vaults are broken Yes
4 Attacks don't always begin when the player attempts too initiate one Yes
5 When attacking a HZ30 Challenge Base , if the player exits and re-enters the base, some of the Valkyrie's will move towards the centre of the base between the assaults No
6 Units don't always respond too commands issued in battle No
7 If an aeriel stealth unit such as the Cyclone attacks a target then recloaks, it can be detected by a Rocket Silo's SAM Launcher despite being invisible otherwise No
8 Rogue Faction bases may reset at random even if there is no timer/or it has yet to expire No
9 VXP earned by Aeriel Special Forces units such as the Cyclones doesn't appear in the end-of-battle UI No
10 R.U.B.I. may automatically activate itself in battle with no prompting from the player No
11 Buildings damaged by the Growlers Drones may reset to full health when the battle ends if the base is not 100% destroyed No
12 Visual Error: The Phantom Arctic War Paint doesn't display correctly in battle Yes
13 Units that normally lack the native capacity to strike down airborne targets can attack airborne targets Yes
14 The Camera pans across the screen to the wrong location when the player is attacking a base with a designated spawn point (I.e., a Special Event base) No
15 Attack Logs may display the incorrect number of units deployed in a fight No
16 Sickle Syndicate bases don't display a Thorium Payout at the end after being defeated despite distributing Thorium as a reward from the bases No
17 Destroying a base with 1 Infamy point available to be earned doesn't credit the winning player with the 1 Infamy Point Yes
18 Reward Chests don't open nor dispense any rewards to players No
19 Duplicate items being rewarded from reward chests found in certain bases No
20 Special Forces set to the "Fire at Will" stance will instead enter the "Defensive" stance Yes
21 If units are given a rapid series of commands they may instead just become deselected No
22 Timers in special challenge bases are broken and may display incorrectly Yes
23 Only the first two members of a Special Forces Fireteam fire upon any designated target rather than the whole squad Yes
24 If a player maxes out their capacity of  air units on the field the final units won't appear on the field Yes
25 The Attack UI has an obstrusive layout that obscure alot of the screen Yes
26 Units can still to take damage even after the battle timer has expired (I.e., trigger land mines when leaving the base) No
27 If a player gets disconnected near the end of a battle and reloads the game they will not recieve any rewards for destroying the base/winning the battle No
28 Targetiing boxes cause buildings to be very difficult to be accurately clickable No
29 If a player loses their connection to the game during an attack and reloads, they cannot re-enter the battle and must wait for the timer to end to retry the battle No
30 10 second delay between when the base loads up visually and when action can actually be taken No
31 Various bases hang onto attacking so players cannot cancel/leave the fight Yes
32 Offensive Special Ops no longer have a Cooldown Yes
33 Intel Bases don't actually despawn when they are destroyed, letting players reattack them for additional Infamy Yes

Shadow Ops Issues

Number Details Fixed? (Yes/No)
1 The Attack Button prioritizes the level 70 bases rather than bases that may be more appropriat for a players level No
2 Shadow Ops replays fail to correctly distribute earned prizes & unit parts Yes
3 Shadow Ops UI menu shows 8/8 parts earned for the Elite Legion yet the unit is not unlocked Yes
4 Visual Error: Number of phases left in a Shadow Ops campaign is listed as "Ca" Yes
5 Points earned in Shadow Ops fill the quota bar but when mousing over it, the specific number earned is not shown Yes
6 Devastation Rounds appears twice as a prize in Shadow Ops Yes


Number Details Fixed? (Yes/No)
1 Intel Displays vanish whilst a Raid is Active Yes
2 Battle in progress elements fail to correrctly align with Raid Base Icons Yes


Number Details Fixed? (Yes/No)
1 Some players lost their original Onslaught War Trophy (occured after a patch was applied for the Winter Onslaught Trophy) No
2 Special Ops HUD will appear in base defence waves Yes
3 Land Mines being reverted to level 1 after being placed by the player Yes
4 Typo in the Sandstorm's "Self-Destructing Warheads" component at level 6 Yes
5 Debug text appears in the Boost's UI/Pop-Up Yes
6 The Commando SF Units "AP Rockets" functionality changes as it levels up Yes


Hotkey Commands don't always work No
8 Memory Leak that ruined everything Yes
9 Incorrect Grammar in the Growlers description Yes
10 UI flicker when mousing over repair options in the platoon manager Yes
11 XP not being credited to the players account when completing tasks No
12 Units sometimes fail to display correctly in the UI in a Special Forces Fireteam squad No
13 Scrapping Rare Special Ops doesn't pay out the 1million in Metal and 2million in Oil that they should No
14 Lag No
15 Roach Infestation No
16 Alliace Tags may disappear and reappear from a players name at random No
17 Players units getting random duplicated during maintenances No
18 Attack and World Map buttons vanishing from the UI No
19 Problems loading parts of the game including bases, maps and sectors No
20 Some players are automatically recieving the Elite Sandstorm upgrade No
21 Some players are constantly recieving the 2005 Error Message, preventing them from logging into the game Yes
22 2191 Error Message when trying to change the rockets loaded into a Rocket Silo Yes
23 Visual Error: All Thorium Costs for upgrades are listen in red even when the necessary amount is required is available Yes
24 Users with Ghost bases aren't able to progress through events naturally Yes
25 Log-in/connection difficulties when logging in to play through Facebook No
26 Chat randomly disconnects for no reason No
27 Clicking player names in the chatbox doesn't always bring a person to the other players base Yes
28 Permanent "8000" Red Box error message Yes
29 Related Viper X Special Ops claim to deploy a max level Viper X when they actually spawn a level 16 No
30 Visual Error: If a Hunter Missile gets a lock on a players Air unit and the Turret is destroyed, the lock-on image will continue to display above the air unit No
31 Verkraft Level 20 Raid Bases don't dispense 200 medals No
32 Gear Store has outdated tags Yes
33 Collector's Pack: Is subtracting medals from user accounts Yes
34 Unit Production UI Update: The user is not informed about the total number of units selected for upgrade Yes
35 The new starter pack offer claims to distribute level 10 VXP Units but instead grants level 5 Lead Commando's Yes
36 Some players cannot attack bases after returning to the game after a long period of time and recieving a re-engagement package No
37 Game freezes when players attempt to send Gift packages to one-another Yes

Error Messages

Number Details/Error Type Fixed? (Yes/No)
2033 N/A - Details pending No
2181 Save/Build Error Error Yes
2030 N/A - Details pending No
N/A "Transaction already in process" error message may pop-up when trying to purchase something from the Gear Store No
2031 N/A - Details pending No
8000 RBE (Can appear once a new player has compelted the starter tutorial) Yes
2191 Can occur when attempting to upgrade buildings Yes

Player Criticisms

Number Details Addressed? (Yes/No)
1 Repair times take too long No
2 Upgrades intoduced alongside Command Centre level 10 take too long to complete No
3 Upgrades introduced alongside Command Centre 9 take too long to complete No
4 Sector Goals No
5 Lottery Systems No
6 Content is being added to the game at a rate way too fast to keep up with No
7 Upgrades take too much time No
8 Upgrades that use Thorium take longer than 5 seconds No
9 Upgrades for Aircraft and Vehicles aren't in seperate buildings No
10 When customising a Special Forces unit in the workshop, it will display a "level" for the unit despite SF using the "Rank" system Yes
11 KIXEYE clearly doesn't listen to their players No
12 The in-game UI doesn't accurately reflect the bonuses brought along by Elite Units Yes
13 Just about every Special Event that takes place in the game, ever No
14 Boosts cost Gold No
15 Boosts Gold Prices are outrageously overpriced No


Number Details Patched (Yes/No)
1 Creating multiple units at once Yes
2 Gaurding bases using dead platoons Yes
3 1 1
4 1 1
5 1 1

Grand Total

Details pending. Will be updated when I can be bothered to actually count them.