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First Look War Commander World Map05:09

First Look War Commander World Map

The new World Map is live! Are you primed to conquer it?
  — Kixeye 


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A new way to SEEK, DESTROY and CONQUER is coming soon...
  — R.U.B.I. 

The new World Map is live! Are you primed to conquer it?
  — R.U.B.I. 

Hey Commanders,

Since all of War Commander's friend list data come from Facebook, we currently believe that this is an issue on Facebook's end. Here are some steps per Facebook support.

From Facebook Home:

Click Account in the top right corner. Click Privacy Settings in the drop down Menu. Click Apps and Website (Edit Settings) in the bottom left. Find War Commander and be sure they have full permissions (or recommended). Clicking Recommended Settings is advised if it is an option. If there is no Recommended option displayed, Removing Permissions and re-allowing them helps. Clear your cache then Log all the way Out and back in. If that doesn't work, you can try uninstalling the game completely from your Facebook, but make sure you are not just removing the bookmark. Precede to search for War Commander and reinstall the app. Make sure you Allow all.

If that still doesn't work, you can try to contact Facebook support and see if they have any other suggestions.

Please let me know if this works, and if you need any further assistance!
  — KIXEYE (Friends have turned red on the World Map) 

Additional Facts

  • The World Map Sector is commonly referred to as Map Sector or simply Sector.
  • The World Map is dived up into 420 Sectors.
  • Each Sector is set up in Hexagon Grid or Hex Map measuring 500 x 500 hex's.
  • There are 250,000 hex's per Sector.
    • There are 60,000,000 hex's combined between all 420 Sectors.

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  • When will you be cleaning up the dead bases on the map so we can move around again?
  • Will the world map ever be revamped?
    • Yes, but it’s far enough away that I can’t promise a timeline. The art team has worked up some images that look awesome, but the world rebuild is a very big project that isn’t scheduled for this year. - AMA with WC Design Team ( Aug 26, 2014 )

Animated Gallery


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War Commander New World Map Teaser00:51

War Commander New World Map Teaser

War Commander - World Map Tutorial05:09

War Commander - World Map Tutorial

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