Building Description Long range defense structure that delivers Zombie Gas infecting any Units caught in its cloud. Zombie Gas Launcher
Building Type Special Event Only // Rogue Faction Controlled
Building Group Non Player Controlled Building
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States of Repair

Normal Damaged Destroyed
Zombie Gas Launcher
Zombie Gas Launcher-Damaged
Zombie Gas Launcher-Destroyed
100% - 50% Health 49% - 1% Health 0% Health

Appearance History

Zombie Gas Launcher Special Event Appearance History
Appearance Appearance Info
Operation: Undead Swarm UndeadSwarm-(SpecialEventPagePic) Found in Mausoleum & Fortress Event Bases
Appears Only During Special Events Listed.

Additional Facts

  • The Zombie Gas Launcher fires poisonous gas canisters.
  • Dynamic targeting
    • When a Unit location is targeted, a large area decal is painted on the ground where a gas canister is thrown. After the gas canister lands a timer is displayed, then a cloud of gas is created at the location.
      • Gas deals continuous DoT damage to enemies inside the area
      • Any units that die inside the gas cloud spawn zombies
  • Tip - This building is best taken out with the air units you have available.
  • Trick - Using fast-moving units will stop you from taking damage from the poison cloud and can aid in destroying this building.
  • Building Code : 89

In-Game Quotes

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The Zombie Gas Launcher building launches canisters of volatile corrosive fluid in a massive AoE poison cloud, dealing damage over time to all units standing in the poison. Ground units will trigger the Zombie Gas Launcher building and will be the main targets suffering casualties.
  — Operation: Undead Swarm - Forum Thread 

Additional Quote
  — Quote Source 

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